Uncover 5 Top Network Marketing Tips for Beginners

by Remi Badozi on August 3, 2011


You never stop learning in mlm industry....

One of the most common challenges faced by many who are new to the MLM Industry is lack of proper guidance about how to start building and managing their downlines in their organization. I have written this network marketing tips for beginners to help not just those new to network marketing but also to those who are still trying to find their footing in this industry.

The main key to achieving success in network marketing is basically positioning yourself as an authority by branding you first. People need to know you first and as you build relationship they begin to trust you. After all people will only choose to buy from those they know and trust.

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A newbie that is prepared to invest some money, time and energy will be branding themselves in no time compare to their counterparts who are still busy distributing leaflets and knocking on doors.

Below are 5 top network marketing tips for beginners; if adhere to will help you a long way to build a successful network marketing business.

  • Set yourself SMART goals

Once you’ve become a member of your chosen network marketing company, the very first thing you need to do is set yourself some goals which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. Begin by recording your everyday, weekly, and monthly goals and become as specific as you can possibly be.

When you are setting your goals, there are a couple of things you need to put into considerations, they are how much exactly you prefer to earn and secondly, the target number of people you’d like  to find as customers and as partners monthly, weekly and daily.

And more importantly decide on the rewards that you’ll give yourself for reaching each goal!

Doing as I have pointed out above will help you to create a firm goal-setting plan that can be accomplished by using the time frame you’ve given yourself to ultimately achieve them.

  • Create a schedule and stay with it

Success in this industry requires a great deal of discipline from you; you need to set a strict schedule that you can follow and stick to. Dedicate a minimum of 15-20 hrs each week to pay attention to your business. Make use of your time and effort wisely by knowing exactly what you’re going to do with the time you’ve allocated yourself.

Spend some time to plan your itinerary a minimum of one week ahead. This will help you to make use of your resources in a more realistically manner and also to help your business to run smoothly and effectively while staying away from the endless distractions which will attempt to sabotage your productivity time.

Be conscious of how much time you speed on social networking media; have a daily checklist for social media to help you spend your time shrewdly.

  • Never stop learning

Remember, time is an extremely valuable commodity…..waste it and you’re on a bad start! When just starting out, you need to develop yourself by learning and discovering the ins and outs of the industry. When you think you’ve learned and mastered one of the techniques and approaches, then take action by doing exactly what you’ve learnt.

Network marketing is all about duplication! Don’t stop learning at this time, rather; pursue to learn and understand more whilst applying exactly what you’ve learned.

Words of caution here…..when you learn, it is very imperative that you take action, else you will find yourself in a personal development trap. Believe me; you do not want to be there!

Learning is really a never-ending process. It doesn’t finish within the four corners of the profession. Broaden your horizon to help you learn new ideas, programs, systems and practices. Always attempt to learn as much as you are able to, whenever and however possible, but make sure to implement that which you learn as well!

  • Sustain an optimistic attitude

The road to success is never an easy and straightforward one….I mean, SUCCESS doesn’t come easy! Regardless of the type of network marketing company you join, understand that it will not provide you with great profits over night.

You will encounter disappointments, rejection, and negative comments and reactions at the beginning. If things don’t go your way, don’t be discouraged. Rather, learn from the negative experiences and use them as what they are….POSITIVE STEPPING STONES to where you want to be in the future!

Don’t be deceived…..every veteran network marketer has experienced the same challenges and difficulties, however they produced the P.M.A (Positive Mental Attitude) that helped them move on to achieving their set goals regardless of the setbacks they faced.

The more you learn about the industry, the more you’ll learn how to handle challenges and how to turn it as a motivating force that will spur you towards developing an effective business enterprise.

  • Move away from your comfort zone

As a new network marketer, the cool thing is that you’re just beginning to broaden your horizons within the industry. You will find yourself inside a place that you’ve never been before, meet people from all avenues of life, and learn new and different marketing techniques. As you get yourself associated with like-minded people in mlm circle, you will not only be building your financial wealth but also developing yourself along the way.

There would be moment when you will have to do things that you are not very comfortable doing….that would be the moment you have to push yourself just a little away from that comfort zone and do what needs doing for the success of your mlm business.

As you follow the 5 network marketing tips for beginners as I have narrated above you will notice big difference in not just your network marketing business but also your attitude towards it.

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