Tribe Marketing – Using TribePro as an Online Marketing Platform to Outrank Your Competitors

by Remi Badozi on June 14, 2011

Tribe Marketing through TribePro

The aim of this article is to create an understanding of how tribe marketing through TribePro can get you and your online business venture more exposure, more backlinks, more traffic and more leads….

tribe_marketing_tribeproWith more and more individuals joining the internet marketing arena, marketing online is certainly more competitive than it used to be. However, for those who are privileged to know what it takes to achieve online business success and are prepared to put in the time and all that is required, then they will see tremendously.

One of the keys to running a successful online business is to have good quality informational content available on your website for your visitors. With excellent content on your site, unless people know that your site exists, you will hardly get visitors of your site – you need exposure!

An effectual way of getting visitors to your website is through the syndication of your website content all over the internet. TribePro is an amazing business platform that can explode the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

The notion behind tribe marketing is generally a community or group of (tribe) marketers with common interest or pursuits that is focused on a specific objective. Basically, members of the tribe assist each other, giving backing to and doing as required by rallying round and promoting each others products or services.

There are so many tribes that are available to internet marketers. However, in this article about one tribe that I belong to and I have found to be very effective. The Tribe is called Tribe Pro.

Tribe Pro is a tribe for marketers and was developed by Staci and Ronnie Gauny. Within a short while of joining this tribe, I have found it to be a great content syndication platform.  It is an ideal tribe for online business owners and particularly blog writers, who are looking for means to get their content to rank high in search engine within a twinkle of an eye.

What Makes Tribe Pro Ideal for Tribe marketing?

  • TribePro consist of a number of tribes that you can choose to join with the ultimate aim of sharing one another’s content throughout the internet. Likewise, depending on your level of membership, you can create your own tribe for people to join.
  • Members of TribePro collaborate and share one another’s content to social bookmarking sites and other online social medium. This mutual course of action enables the TribePro members to create a social presence online, resulting in considerable increase in website visitors i.e. more leads, more sales, and higher profits.
  • As a result of higher traffic to your site, there is a significance improvement in website Alexia Ranking as the site gains more popularity.
  • Every TribePro member is assigned with an affiliate link the moment they join. TripePro can therefore be used as an additional source of income, in that every time people sign up for TribePro through your affiliate link and become paid members, TribePro will pay you for bringing new.
  • The syndication of content all over social bookmarking sites and social network sites result in instant backlinks to blog content.

TribePro Membership Levels

  • Free Membership

Like I said earlier, there are a number of tribes inside TribePro and as a free member you are able to choose which of the tribes to join. As a free member, you have to share other people’s content in order to acquire share points. For every 15 share points you are able to accrue, you can post one piece of content for people to start sharing it right away.

  • Plus membership

Unlike the free membership, plus membership allows you to auto submit your content and also to auto syndicate other people’s content using your onlywire account. There is also the privilege of been able to add your blog RSS feed into the TribePro which can result in more comments for your blog. You only need 10 share points to be able to post one content – can also be YouTube video…

  • Pro membership

Pro membership is incorporated with all the features in the free and plus membership. This level of membership also allows you to create your own tribe inside TribePro. One of the benefits of creating your own tribe is that you can use it as a lead generation platform because it allows you to add your email autoresponder.

I have personally seen amazing results since I joined TribePro…..with so many people syndicating my content the moment I submit it! I have seen my Alexia ranking fall beyond my wildest dream, traffic to my blog has increased and so many more. If you are looking to get more targeted traffic, backlinks, leads and sale then TribePro is for you.

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