The Simplest Way to Enhance your Chances of Making Money from Blogging

Getting The Basics In Place For Making Money From Blogging :

We mentioned in my last post that because “money is in the list” then traffic means money. Therefore, making money from blogging can easily be achieved if you have targeted traffic to your blog and you are also able to turn your blog visitors to leads.

Making Monney From Blogging

Uncover Essential Key For Making Money From Your Blog….

In these days of internet marketing, acquiring a list of prospects continues to be the answer to getting customers. Think about this… having a list of individuals that you could possibly make contact with, who are likely to simply click your links, read through your newsletters, and buy your products on the internet. Without list, you will be lost even before you get started, so list-building tools are essential to making money from blogging as well as developing your internet business enterprise.

Quite a huge number of individuals believe that making use of Social Media sites such as Twitter and Facebook can assist them in generating by far the most targeted traffic & posible cash flow into a blog site. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case as I have come to realise!

In order to become a successful blogger it is crucial that you are building an email list. You see, if you have a list…you obviously have values to offer to your list else they won’t be on list in the first place!

Now, imagine the rush to your blog if you are sending regular email newsletters that includes your valuable new blog posts to your list…or just merely alerting your list that you have created another one of your valuable posts. This tactic I tell you is so much effective than posting to Facebook, Twitter, or other Social Media sites. Don’t get me wrong…social media sites have their own place too.

Personally, I have observed that people tend to respond more to emails than they do to any other source. Moreover, it’s the simplest and easiest way to drive people back to your blog so they click more links and if you are recommending tools that you are or have personally used, they will make you more money…and that is what I refer to as making money from your blog!

Building an email list of people that give you their permission to email them is quite easy to achieve. There are two main ways of doing this, you can either set up a straight forward simple “Subscribe To My Newsletter” form either on the side bar on your blog or put it at the end of your blog posts.

TIP: I don’t know about you but I think most people like FREE things! Therefore to maximise the chances of people subscribing to your email list, it is better if you offer them something FREE (Valuable!) in exchange for their email. Note that it is very important that this FREE gift has value in it else it will portray a wrong image of you and before you know it they’ll be subscribing from your list. People are looking for people of value to follow.

Likewise, if you want people to subscribe to for your newsletter, you must ensure you get your call to action(CTA) right, for example if your blog is about Social Media Marketing…you can say “Subscribe to my email newsletter and I will immediately send you my Free Report: ‘How To GrowBusiness With Facebook’

* If you are looking to build your business using Social Media, you will definately want to get hold of this book and so you will subscribe!*

Making money from blogging comes with regularly building your list. Therefore, do not let a day go by without you collecting email subscribers. Not collecting emails is just like leaving money on the table for someone else to take! Collecting people’s emails is so powerful that once you have built a list of thousands of people who are interested in what you have to offer, you could even decide to take a break from or spend lesser time blogging and spend time nurturing your list (providing values) via email and still making a great income!

Top earners in the industry use their email lists to create “Cash-On-Demand” and so can you if only you actively build your list. Anytime they need to generate some cash, all they do is just mail an affiliate offer or promotion to their email list — such as for an Amazon self development book, etc.

When building your email list, it is very crucial that you use a good and reputable tool to capture emails and to automatically send emails to your list at specified times just by the push of a button. That is the power of auto-responders! If you are a blogger, one of the best tools for building an Email List is AWeber.

AWeber is an auto-responder that is widely used by most bloggers as it is inexpensive and also because you really don’t have to do much with it once set up as the company handles EVERYTHING. All you have to do is add some simple code that they will give you to place on your blog to create an opt-in form and then you can either preschedule some emails to send out at a specified times or you can just login to your account and send out emails to your subscribers

Inside Aweber, you will find so many cool stuff that you can use to profit from your list; you can use the HTML email builder to create your emails or just use the plain text facility. With AWeber you can easily and automatically send your new email subscribers a special report or prescheduled messages like I mentioned above.

You can try out AWeber today just for $1. If indeed you are serious about making money from blogging, then you will want to go right this moment and create an AWeber account and begin acquiring email subscribers from your blog! Don’t put it off and miss out on this extra earnings each and every day that you aren’t executing this tactic.

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