Succeeding Online – Discover MLM Top Earners’ Approach

by Remi Badozi on September 19, 2011


Main keys to succeeding online ....just like the top earners!

Regardless of how you choose to run your business online, one thing you need to be ar in mind that succeeding online is a mysterious game that requires skills (learnable!), patience and discipline.

I’m pretty sure you have heard this over and over again… the statistics that 97% of people fail while merely 3% of people in reality become successful and earn meaningful living in this industry. Well, as alarming as that may sound it is quite close to the truth if not precisely so.

The good news is that you too can position yourself as part of the 3%, once you discover the MLM top earners approach and you begin to take action accordingly.

When you take inventory of those that are successful, and tend to have a presence online, and give you the impression that they are everywhere, you will notice that are successful online is really not a big deal once you discover how the secret behind the top earners approach.

Although these top earners tend to have a presence online and also give the impression that they are EVERYWHERE…however, if you do your study closely, you will notice a few common denominators that may point to you how to become apart of the 3% – succeeding online! .

Today, I am going to share some of this pointers with you so you can from henceforth embark on adjusting what you do and how you do it, so that you can eliminate your chances of becoming part of the failing 97%!

Below are 4 of the main MLM Top Earners Approach for succeeding online.

  • Consistency in marketing efforts

It is very important that your marketing period online is consistent. If you want people to take you serious, you need to be predictable… I mean people that are following (or watching) you online should be able to predict when you’ll show up and when not.

Imagine a beggar that sits in a particular spot at a particular time day in day out and people begin to recognize him and come giving him food and money to survive. If this beggar decided to only show up just whenever he feels like it, he will begin to loose out on his handouts as he is no longer at the same location and at the expected time.

Likewise, your audience will expect you to be there daily with the information, content and resources that you provide and they find useful and hence keep them coming back for more. If you want to sell your products and/or services to people, you must demonstrate to them that you are someone that they can rely on and can trust. Inconsistency will not do that!

Most of the successful marketers make use a calendar for their business needs. What they do is that they make a list of daily and weekly activities that they participate in so as to keep their marketing efforts alive. Therefore, if you too want to begin performing like the 3%, then you’ll need to also make yourself a calendar of activities and ensure you take daily actions and commit to it!

  • Understanding and knowing their target market

It is very a disturbing known fact that about 97% of online marketers do not have a clue who they’re actually marketing to. They do almost all the right things such as taking time to write articles, record videos and write blog posts, but sadly most of the times they have no idea who their target market is.

Knowing your audience and what their challenges are will help you to strategically plan how to address them. This is very crucial if you truly want to succeed online.

One thing that I have noticed is that, knowing my target market makes my writing efforts so much easier and allows me to immediately connect my offer with the needs that my they have. If I have no idea what my audiences’ challenges are….I would just be yapping away and nobody will take any notice of me….as a matter of fact, you will not be reading this post right now!

Now that you’ve read this, before you embark on your next marketing, I want you to take the following questions into consideration:

  1. Who is my target market?
  2. What are their challenges (struggles)?
  3. What is it that they want?
  4. How can I give it to them?
  • Diverse marketing methods

If what you do is use only one method to market your business, you are limiting yourself. I can understand it if you are new online and you are learning one strategy before you take on the next one. However, if you do not move such that you are also using other marketing methods, your case can be likened to someone that posts an advert in a newspaper, did nothing else but just sat back for months on end hoping that their phone will ring. NO CHANCE!

If you really want to join the top earners on the stage, you need to get out there and begin using various marketing methods that are available for your online business. Some of the marketing strategies you can start slotting into your marketing efforts are things like Article Marketing, Video Marketing, Writing Squidoo Lenses, Hubpages, Forum Marketing, Social Media Marketing and many more.

The best way to start incorporating this tactic is to start out by picking 2-3 of the aforementioned strategies and create a consistent plan of action on how you will implement them on a weekly basis.

As you become conversant with the 2-3 strategies, you can then start adding another one more. Before long you will have mastered the others and start noticing that you are beginning to gain additional exposure from a new breed of audience!

  • Outsourcing and delegating!

I can not emphasise enough how so vital outsourcing and delegating is to your online business. You see, when I stated earlier that succeeding online is a mysterious game….believe me, it is!

Why do you think only 3% are making it online?


Succeeding in the Internet Marketing world requires a lot of maintenance and if you do not get help with those areas that are time consuming and often very challenging, you will find yourself growing weary and get burnt out pretty quickly. As a matter of fact if care is not taken, that valuable time that you were hoping to get in order to spend it with your family, will end up being time spent with your computer!

The top earners in this industry have mastered the art of handing things over to people who are more skilled and trained than they are. Do you really think they do everything by themselves? NO!

The key here is for you to be honest with yourself and determine what it is that you do best and establish what makes you money. Once you are able to work these two issues out, I employ you to then focus solely on them and find a way to outsource and delegate the rest to more capable individuals or organisations.

Contrary to what many will make you believe, outsourcing can be quite reasonably priced. Depending on expertise and location of your contractor the cost can average as little as around $2 per hour. A lot of people just do not realise how affordable most of this services are. The plan is that you add your cost to your monthly expenses as a necessary expense!

One of the things that you can outsource is the content writing, you can use Private Label Rights Writers who will create your content for you at very reasonable price, giving you the freedom to put your name on it and take the credit!

If you are involved in the Internet Marketing & Network Marketing industry, a great place to start is with the, where they provide articles, blog posts, auto-responder messages amongst so many other content marketing tools, to help make your life easier while providing high quality content.

As you can see, succeeding online and becoming apart of the 3% isn’t that far out of your reach. All it takes is you making a few small changes to what you are already doing and before you know it….Bob’s your uncle!

Finally making a decent income for your efforts online.

If you want to learn more tips like these, visit my website at, and you can get other tips and insider secrets that will turn your business around!


To Your Success,


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