QR Code – What Is In It for Your Network Marketing Business?

by Remi Badozi on June 25, 2011

The first time I saw a QR code, I thought it was some kind of disorganised crossword puzzle! How wrong was I? You too may have become aware of these black-and-white squares showing up in almost everywhere now.


QR Code and Network Marketing

I remember asking a friend if she knew what they were and she told me they could be a new form of bar code. I mean, it looks nothing like the usual bar code that we see on packages, so I just couldn’t really relate to it.

Well, now I know much better.

QR code is an acronym for Quick Response Code and the principal usage is to read off some embedded information using a QR reader. The QR code was invented in 1994 by a Japanese company called DENSO Corp., a subsidy of Toyota, in 1994. Basically, QR code allows you to read a piece of coded information from a fleeting medium using your cell phone.

Whilst quite a number of nations are not and some are only just making use of this invention, Japan has been using the QR code for years now. They are now becoming more and more well known and used in the United States, United Kingdom and many developed nations.

In terms of what QR codes do, they are kind of similar to bar codes that are used by retailers to track stock and to determine the price of products at the point of sale. The main difference between bar codes and QR codes is the amount of data they can store or reveal.

QR codes are able to store thousands of alphanumeric characters of information and they are so easy to use by those who know what they are doing and this is what makes them so handy for small businesses owners like network marketers. More importantly, your customers or potential customers do not need any chubby hand-held scanner to read the QR code; all that is required is a smart phone!

How QR Code Works

Thanks to the invention of so many different types of smart phones and our growing compulsion for them, QR codes are easy and quick to read (decode). To make this invention work for you, you must first download a QR scanning application (also known as QR reader) on your smart phone such as Android, iPhone, BlackBerry etc.

Having installed the QR reader on your phone, whenever you see a QR code either on a poster or magazine, all you have to do is open up your QR reader on your phone and then focus your phone’s camera on the code as if you want to take a picture of it.

The moment the application on your phone connects with the code, it will recognize it and provided you have an internet connection at that particular time the url link, video or image will automatically open up on your phone’s browser.

What can QR code do for your network marketing business?

Regardless of where you are right now with your network marketing business, you can make use of QR codes in a number of different ways in order to market your products or services. You can simply generate one that contains information about your business, any promotions you have coupons, a website link they can click to see a video of what you have to offer and how to contact you and so on.

Below are just some ways you can be using QR codes to promote you and your online business –

  • Add them to flyers, posters, invites, and other marketing materials they may contain information such as product details, your contact details, and any special offer details, your social media identifier (Facebook, Twitter and MySpace) and also a link to your YouTube video etc.
  • Include them on your business card back and front and also on your car.
  • On promotional products such as T-shirts, fridge magnets, seasonal greeting cards, car or door stickers etc

How do you generate a QR code?

They are easy to generate using a QR code generator. You do not need a specialist or a smart developer to help you create one. All you have QR_Code Readerto do is simply enter whatever information you want to pass across into the QR code generator – it takes just a few minutes!

Today, only a few are using QR codes and those who use them are in no doubt grateful for it. I have personally come across people who don’t know what QR code is and I now use it as a tool to open the door of conversation with people… and potential sale! QR code is surely a good way of driving offline traffic online – to see what you are doing!

If you are not using QR code for your network marketing opportunity, you may be missing out. QR will save your prospects time in typing out or trying to memorize your domain… it’s designed so your prospect can get a “quicker response” and get to your website FASTER. Just imagine the quality of traffic that would be visiting your website – this is …. target market!

Generate your QR Code for FREE ——-> HERE (watch the video first).

Are you using QR codes for your business? I would like to hear about your experience, please share below in the comment box.



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Dave Beck June 26, 2011 at 4:42 am

Hey Remi,

Very good and informative blog post on QR Codes. I myself an still learning about and how to use these things. Also very nice blog you have here. It is easy to navigate around and looks good.

Dave Beck


Remi Badozi June 26, 2011 at 1:26 pm

Hi Dave,

Thanks for stopping by and for complimenting my blog!
I like the fact that not may people know about QR code and it’s one of those things you see and just want to know all about it. I have met some wonderful people who are curious enough to ask about it… a good way to start networking!

All the best


David Collins September 11, 2011 at 11:54 am

Hi, Remi

I’ve heard about the QR codes and I want to make put them on my business cards. Thank you for the info about the generating a QR code; I didn’t know how to do that. Have you seen the QR that BBC uses? It actually, says BBC on it. It’s cool.


Remi Badozi September 11, 2011 at 11:05 pm


Thanks for stopping by and yes I have seen the BBC QR code. I think it’s incredible! It’s all the creation of a gentleman called Duncan Robertson…..quite a creation!

All the best


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