How to Prevent Slipping into Personal Development Trap in Network Marketing

by Remi Badozi on June 20, 2011

Personal development trap is a very common confinement that quite a large proportion of network marketers tend to find themselves at one point in their venture to make it. Many are not even aware they are in some kind of trap. Don’t get me wrong, I am a believer of developing one, learning new skills and generally being well informed.


Personal development in network marketing is to breed leaders and not prisoners.

You see, I was once in this trap – a very devoted dreamer that was in the habit of learning and acquiring skills and knowledge but doing absolutely nothing with it! I am sharing this to make sure as many people in network marketing as come across this article don’t make that mistake….and if you think you are such trap right now … get yourself out!

One of the things that I marvel at about this industry is how network marketers are always quick and ready to learn – attending events, watching videos, taking notes etc. If you go back in time, you will find that it this great network marketing industry that formed the modern day personal development.

Nevertheless, we sometimes fail to realise how much time we actually spend on personal development in comparison to the time spent talking to prospects.

Network marketing is a business that can only be successful if built on relationship; you therefore need to talk to your prospects. If you continue to learn and do nothing with the knowledge you will find yourself trap in personal development.  Accumulating knowledge and then waiting till the next event in the hope of success can be liken to a dreamer who spends so much time devoted to dreaming but does nothing to achieve them.

Too many people start along the route of learning, learning and learning and continue learning. They take no action, not even to practice what they have learnt – such people are in personal development trap and most do not know it. They forget their prospects – fail to talk to them, share with them what they know nor follow them up…..

There is absolutely no doubt that learning is great. However, if you are involved in any mlm company and  all you do is attend personal development seminars and not speak to your prospects, you will not make any money! Believe me…..I know so! I was fortunate enough to attend one of the training sessions organised by MLSP in which one of the leaders, Ray Higdon pointed out some of the mistakes made by network marketers. One of such mistakes is not talking to your prospects.


Personal Development

In this industry, you need to network (make contact) first before marketing. You can’t just start marketing to your leads without knowing their needs. They opted into your list because they believe you can help solve a particular need and unless you take time to find out, you will never know. So, you need to show you care, find out how you can help and help them with their quest.

One of the reasons people slip into personal development trap is because they don’t believe what they learn can possibly work. They fail to realise that the outcome of learning is in the doing. Another reason is that they believe they don’t know enough yet to take action. There is absolutely no reason why anyone should wait till they know it all! Nobody knows it all….

Common! Would you eat all the different types of food that are available – day in day out before you purge what is inside of you?

It is so easy to want more and more… about giving out what you have learnt? Share your value….nobody knows it all and there are people out there that do not know as much as you know.  Personal development in network marketing is an ongoing process….it just doesn’t stop, unless you choose to stop learning. Take a reality check today by giving yourself a friendly slap and ask yourself if you are in a personal development trap. Are you learning and not taking action?

In network marketing, we are paid as a result of values we bring to other people’s lives. These values can only be obtained through personal development. So, keep learning, attend events, read books, watch videos etc but don’t forget to make use of your knowledge – take action.  Set time for developing yourself and then time for practising what you have learnt.  Taking action will enhance what you have learnt else you will stumble into personal development trap.

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Claude Toussaint June 20, 2011 at 2:51 pm

there comes a time where you actually have to get up off of your but you put your knowledge to use. Knowledge does nothing for you if it’s just sitting in your brain not being put to action.
Claude Toussaint recently posted..The Problem with the MLM Network Marketing Industry Today


Remi Badozi June 20, 2011 at 8:26 pm

True talk, Claude…..thanks for stopping by.


Ebuka Ikeoyibo June 23, 2011 at 8:41 pm

Remi, I found your blog via link on facebook.

I’m glad that someone is writing about what I call the ‘indoctrination of weak minds’.

You are absolutely right when you said this” Personal development trap is a very common confinement that quite a large proportion of network marketers tend to find themselves at one point in their venture to make it.” I couldn’t agree with you more.
Personally, all the MLM seminars I attended without exception, had moments where they spew relentlessly personal development stuff to psyched up attendees. They want me to see this big shot, this leader or that person, all designed to impress me. There is a money-show off that turns me off and I usually end up not signing up with them. I come from a rich background in personal development. I’ve read books, played CDs and DVDs by powerful gurus and I’m usually never impressed by the copycats they trot out on stage to herd people to sign up with them.

I want real stuff. I want to know how the product or products they are selling will help my friends or neighbors. It is not about money for me. If the products are not competitive to the alternative out there, then it is not for me. I will not promote it. This is what I look for in the MLM business whenever I’m invited to attend one. When I get too psyched up or pushed to see this person or that person, it is usually a sign that they have no viable product. If they did, that should have front and center and nothing else.

Recently, I was invited to attend such a meeting where a new company with new products was showcasing their wares. They tried all manner of persuasion to get me to sign up. Needless to say this, I was not impressed by any of their products.

MLM or network marketing business that I will join has to do away with psyching me up, instead focus on product distinction, meaningfulness and relevancy.

If the product is meaningful, solves real problems and unique, it will sell itself without me banging on people door to sign them up nor and practically shoving it down people’s throat to make a sale.

I’m still waiting for such a product or company with little bells, drama or whistles to compel folks to whip out their credit cards.

So far I’m still disappointed!
Ebuka Ikeoyibo recently posted..Network Marketing- Why I Regret Recruiting My Friends And Family


Remi Badozi June 24, 2011 at 1:00 am

Ebuka, nice to have you here and really glad you agree with me on this personal development trap issue.

One of the things most people don’t seem to understand about network marketing is that, it is firstly about developing yourself and then helping others (especially your downlines) to get to where you are – or beyond!
Seminars are meant to help you move to the next level in your business venture and if you are not getting that, then you should look carefully before you pay for the next seminar you choose to attend. You should be able to leave a seminar with some valuable nuggets that you can implement to help your business….

I quite agree with you…….if your mlm product does not appeal to you, you really should not get yourself involve. How would anyone begin to sell something they do not believe in? I wrote an article a while back about mlm scams, – you will find it useful.

All the best,


Justin | Mazzastick June 25, 2011 at 4:26 am

Hi Remi,
It’s easy to become addicted to personal development and not do anything with it. We don’t have to be perfect in every area of our lives but picking one or two areas that would have positive benefits in our lives might be worth checking out.

Many read a book or attend a seminar and believe that their problems will be solved but as we later realize change is not always that easy.
Justin | Mazzastick recently posted..Make Money Online Through Blogging


Remi Badozi June 25, 2011 at 7:29 pm


Thanks for your contribution… motor has always been “….knowing is not enough; we must apply. Likewise, willing is not enough; we must do.”

Nice having you here, call back again.

Best regards,


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