Offline Network Marketing Tips – How To Leave Your Footprint Everywhere You Go

by Remi Badozi on August 19, 2011


Offline Network Marketing - Do You Have A Game Plan?

More and more network marketers seem to be moving away from offline network marketing than ever before as many believe they don’t work. How far from the truth is that? I am going show you some interesting and very powerful ways of generating leads using this offline network marketing tips that many tend to overlook….and I am not talking about prospecting friends and family!

Yes is it very true that the traditional way of growing your network marketing business is through offline marketing techniques and that you have a very good chance of achieving a lot of network marketing success through online marketing. However, there are still people out there (Yes….in this century!) who for one reason or the other you will not find or will never find you online….

As a network marketer, one very important aspect of your marketing campaign should be  to always leave a footprint everywhere you go. I am not talking about factual footprint!  What I mean is that EVERYWHERE you go; whenever you leave the next person or persons that come after you should know that you were there!

What do I mean?

Below are some useful offline network marketing tips that you can implement into your offline marketing strategies if you are not already doing so – I mean doing so correctly!

Here we go…..

Business Cards

Don’t underestimate the power of business cards marketing, as they can be a valuable means of gaining popularity and making great connections whilst networking offline. You should therefore always have a good stack of business cards with you all the time.

Whilst it is very easy and cheap to get business cards online, I must warn you that if you want to make a good impression, using obviously cheap materials sends a wrong message to your prospect – remember you want to come across as the leader that you are! A very cheap looking business card is simply saying…..”Cheap card….so is my work”

There are affordable nice thick paper cards and quality ink that you can invest in and if you do decide to laminate your cards…..please ensure this is done properly. Likewise, you need to make sure your cards are neither too flashing that they become so overwhelming nor too bland that people can easily forget about your card!

Choose your colours carefully and make sure whatever image you have on the card has something to do with your business. For instance, if your products and services has to do with beauty products don’t have say…musical notes as it gives the impression that you  are into some sort of music business.

Got that?

You also need a memorable image that would politely stick on people’s memory such that when your prospect needs your kind of product or service, they will remember the image on your card and whatever conversation they once had with you and so look for your card to reconnect!

I recommend putting your name, phone number, email address and your website link on your business card. Adding your company name lets your contact know exactly who you represent.

Have you ever received a business card and turned it over? What do you see? Usually nothing…and I see this as a waste of valuable advertising space. Make use of this space by placing your QR Code…’ll be surprised how many people actually turn business cards to see what is at the back!

If you are not sure what QR codes are read can read my post on QR Codes <<=== HERE

Here is a list of places where you could strategically leave your business cards:

  • If you are in a library or bookstore, leave your card in a book you’ve been looking at.  Put card inside a personal development or motivational type book – this is target marketing!
  • On bulletin boards at the dry cleaners, grocery store, restaurants, on ATM machines, shelf of public telephones.
  • If you walk in to someplace and see business cards posted, put yours right along with them.
  • In the shopping trolley (cart) when you are done using it at the grocery store.
  • Put one or two in the small plate with your tip at restaurants.
  • Inside magazines at the doctor’s surgery.
  • Inside the pouch in front of you on the airplane seat.


Catalogue and/or brochures are excellent means of showcasing your business at job fairs, seminars, workshops etc. They are very effective options as they can easily be distributed among your network of contacts. They can also be easily sent to your best customers on your mailing list or used to develop relationships with other retailers that you come into contact with.

They are also particularly handy for house parties. One of the best ways of using catalogues and/or brochures in this kind of environment is to provide your host with some catalogues and/or brochures before the set date…just to wet the invitees’ appetite.

Once you’ve given the catalogues or brochure to your host prior to the party, they simply show them to their friends promoting your products and /or services before the party and also providing them a closing date (about a week after a party is ideal) that way those who are unable to attend the party will also have opportunity to place order from your catalogue before or after the party.

Another catalogue or brochure marketing tip is that, whenever you find yourself waiting for a service e.g. at your doctors surgery, car wash, picking up children from school,  making payment in the bank and so on, you have time on your hands and so does everyone else in that environment. Seize that opportunity and give them something to read…if they don’t read it and leave it behind…the next person that picks it up might read it!

Most mlm companies provide their distributors with some catalogues and brochures and then you are expected to buy some more when required. However, if for whatever reason you do not like or do not want to use your company’s one, you can print yours but bear in mind that they are not cheap to produce.

As a result of the expense of promotional materials, you really need to be very careful you do not over do it by balancing your need to keep your expenditures within your budget with the need to ensure your promotional materials are high quality and as professional looking as they can be. Most home printers are not adequate for high quality printing, particularly where photos of your products are important.

The quality of your catalogues and brochures are vey important because in the minds of your prospects, it is a direct reflection of the quality of your products and services.

You can also adopt the new technology and have your QR codes on your catalogues and/or brochures. As it will enable your prospects to use their mobile to scan each product on your print catalog and immediately go online and buy it from your website.

You can generate your QR Code <<== HERE


 I’m sure you have heard time and time again that flyers  don’t work! Well, the reason why most of these people are achieving nil results is because they are doing flyers marketing the wrong way.

When you go about littering car owners’ windscreen with your flyers…you will get a negative reaction from people! This is a very DISTATEFUL way of carrying out flyers marketing!

There are always opportunities that present themselves for you to share flyers and so you should always have your eyes peeled for every opportunity.  There are community boards that allow flyers to be posted for businesses.  If you walk past one, post your flyer for people that walk past the board to see….you can also add some catalogues and/or business cards in a strong backwards envelope for some takeways as a bonus.

When it comes to positive results from flyers, it’s not about the numbers of flyer you posted or gave out but where you posted and who you gave. Always ask for permissions before leaving your flyers anywhere, else you’ll end up with constant abusive phone calls and can be very demoralising!

More people are likely to read your flyers when you post them on authorised noticed boards.

As you can see, offline network marketing is not dead, you just need a game plan and if you keep this footprint mindset and continually think of ways that you can leave behind SOME piece of your business EVERYWHERE you go. Basically, ensure you always have plenty of promotional materials in your car and in your purse or briefcase.  Soon, your footprint will be stamped firmly in your community.

Having shared the above offline network marketing tips with you, if you want to learn more cutting edge strategies for marketing your business online to help you take your business to the next level just like to top earners in the industry, please visit my Network Marketing & MLM Training Site HERE.


To Your Success,


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Darren June 9, 2013 at 5:04 pm

I’ve been using flyers to drive offline potential customers to an online business directory. It’s too early to tell, but I’ve been watching my Google Analytics reports for hits on my QR codes (set up with tracking) and also for increases in the direct traffic.

I’m targeting a small niche and since I am just starting the printed media campaign I’m charging very reasonable prices. Also, I’m delivering each flyer myself! Although I’d like to outsource one day there is really no better way to conduct research the by doing this myself. Planning and prep have been key – I could not have done it without Google Maps.

I’m thinking of one day using Facebook’s exercise tracking GPS app “Endomondo” to actually track the streets I hit. Maybe I could get my future distributors to use this.


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