Numis Network Company Review – Can You Really Create Wealth by Collecting Coins?

by Remi Badozi on September 16, 2011

Numis_Network_ReviewI have written this simple Numis Network Company Review specifically for those individuals who have been scouting about for some time now trying to work out which of the numerous mlm companies that are out there is the right network marketing company for them.

In this Numis Network Review, I am going to reveal some specifics about Numis Network that I am very sure will help you make well informed decision about the company and its business opportunity.

So, let us get started on this journey.

Numis Network Company Overview

Numis Network is a North American network marketing company (now in prelaunch in the UK). They basically sell collectible coins, which includes a Coin of the Month program on autoship.

Numis Network is a relatively young mlm company with approximately two years of operation. As young as the company is, they are setting trends like no other in this industry breaking boundaries with their rare collectible products.

One of the factors that make this organization a successful enterprise at such an early stage is that they have the backing of exceptional leaders that have collectively many years of experience and enviable accomplishments in the direct-selling industry.

Let us take a closer look.

Numis was founded by the visionary trio of Ian Cordell, Jake Kevorkian, and Christopher Kent, the network boasts of a strong and powerful management behind its operation. These leaders in their respective specialties in the industry of network marketing have extensive backgrounds and experience of the business.

Together, this unstoppable leadership team is able executives who also have a good grasp on technology services and tools that they have set to help Numis representatives build their businesses by expanding the company is state-of-the-art operations, sales and marketing trainings, and excellent product development.

All over the globe today, people just love collecting stuffs  from rare stones, limited edition toys, comic books and even coins! This is not an age related hobby, both the young and the old are all collecting one thing or the other. Some collected items are bizarre when you hear about it while some individuals are strategically collecting items that can be passed down to generations to come because of their values.

Numis Network is one of very rare breed of companies (very likely the only one to date) that has made coin collecting not just a hobby for individuals but also as a business opportunity. Numis Network with their unique products are clearly heading down the path of total domination as the organization.

Numis Network Product Line

Numis unique products are graded metal coins and with their exceptional products, the company has created a new industry category and combining two powerful marketing plans. They are the only network marketing company that is retailing MS70 graded silver and gold numismatic coins. In other words, the Numis Network product is nothing more and nothing less than currency!

Their flagship product is the 1 ounce MS70 Silver American Eagle, but also stock a range of other highly-prized world coins minted by the governments of Canada, Austria, China, Great Britain, Mexico, and Australia all graded and certified by only the top tier graders: ANACS, NGC, and PCGS

Numis is very exceptional in that the company markets a product that no one in their right mind would logically reject!

I just can not imagine anyone saying no to money!

Numis network is currently in its pre-launch stage here in the UK and on 1st November 2011 Numis Network UK will be officially launch.

In the USA., the numismatic collectable coin market is said to be approximately $10 billion strong in annual revenues and the global annual revenue is about $100 billion.

What sets the graded gold and silver coin collection apart from the competition?

To ensure total confidence that their products are of the most valuable gold and silver coins, Numis Network ensured that their graded gold and silver coins differ in quality compare to their vast competitors out there. Numis coins are produced by leading government mints from around the world more importantly the company’s collections are made of only the BEST modern issue coins of highest grade.

Why is a collectible coin useful to you?

It is not a secret kept by the government; when you take a good look around, you will realize that the value of world major currencies (namely US Dollars, Pounds Sterling, Euro etc) are all dramatically decreasing in comparison to the world values of gold and silver which are drastically rising.

Collecting coins are actually getting something tangible each month that you can look at, touch, and be pleased to own. Moreover, with the price of gold and silver going up, the collectable coins therefore become more valuable for their bullion content.

There is a legitimate place in the market for collectible coins. Why do you think our television screens and radios are now being flooded by advertisements about buying gold and silver?

And this is where Numis Network comes in. It may not make sense to you right now. But the collectible graded coins provided by the company are known to be equivalent to money but valued much higher than the U.S. dollar, which allows you to stock up great assets for your future needs.

Numis Network Compensation Plan

I’m just going to touch briefly on the company’s comppenstaion plan in this Numis Network Company Review….for more detailed information, watch the video at the end.

Numis Network is clearly setting itself apart from the competition, not only with its product but also with its unique marketing plan. They have successfully combined two different compensation plans by putting the Power of the Network to work in order to help network marketers get closer towards the road of financial success.

Numis Network has a comprehensive pay structure paves the way for people to enjoy both immediate income and long-term residual income. From the moment you start as a brand new representative, to building your team, and to establishing yourself as a leader, Numis Network is always there to assist you every step of the way.

Numis Network is indeed NOT your ordinary MLM Company. It is an excellent home-based business opportunity that allows people to generate income by selling money. Clearly, it is on the path of creating a landslide of wealth for every Numis member to enjoy.

If you have been following the trend (I have been), I am quite sure you will agree with me that Numis Network company is really looking to become the largest retailer of graded gold and silver numismatic coins. Even without financial education, you will also realize that Numis business opportunity is one business outfit that is undoubtedly benefiting greatly from the current economic turmoil and will continue to thrive for a long time.

Mark my words, if you can see the potentials in what this company has to offer,  if you are wise enough like the individuals who are getting in early, if you are able to follow simple strategic game plans then, you can get your financial breakthrough within the next 12 to 36 months.

I hope this Numis Network Company Review has given you a glimpse of what this company is about. If you want more detailed information, click the link below to watch a video that will show you just that.

Click HERE To Watch The Video


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