Network Marketing Prospecting – Not Everybody Is Your Target Market

by Remi Badozi on March 29, 2011

Network Marketing Prospecting

network_marketing_prospectingNetwork marketing prospecting is a vital skill that is required for the fundamental success of any network marketing business. As you may or may not be aware, network marketing is a people business that comprises of sales and marketing therefore, prospecting the right people will build your business progresively with minimal rejections. As human beings constant rejections put us in a place that if care is not taken, one begins loose interest, morals become low and so the business suffers. However, if you constatly prospect the right individuals, rejections are way lower and the odd rejections will have hardly any impact on you or your netwrok marketing business.

Firstly you must know that there are two different types of people out there:

  1. People who are always open to new ideas and so will listen to you
  2. People who are closed to new ideas and regardless of what you have to say, you have very little chance of them listening to you they are set in their ways.

Clearly, you can see that not every one of your associates is your target market. In spite of what your products and/or services are if someone is not looking for means to create extra income for themselves or would benefit and can afford your products, you need to leave them alone else it will take you almost your life time to convince them.

Imagine trying to sell a swimming custom to someone who has a bad phobia for water! Unless you provide a service that will cure that person of their phobia, trying to sell them a swimming custom would be almost useless.

One of the reasons why a number of people are failing miserably in network marketing is because they target the wrong people when they are network marketing prospecting and they often end up spending a long time trying to convince them; wasting time, money, and energy. Time is money; don’t waist it on unprofitable acts.

Although, most mlm companies encourage their distributors to prospect everyone they meet and convince them to buy their products or enrol for the mlm business question is how effective have you found this method? Whilst this method might work occasionally with friends and family- if you are lucky enough, it is an obsolete way of network marketing prospecting. What happens when you run out of friends and family to prospect?

The fact is, there are people out there around the world who are looking for your services and /or products.YOU JUST HAVE TO RIGHTLY POSITION YOURSELF WHERE THEY CAN FIND YOU!

With the advancement of today’s technology, if I am looking for information, the first place I start from would be internet and I believe this is the case with so many people around the Globe. Therefore, rather than chasing people all over the place you can leverage the internet and can carry out your network marketing prospecting with less efforts – almost on auto pilot!

Regardless of how you decided to conduct your MLM prospecting, the key that will help you achieve much with less effort is Attraction Marketing. Attraction marketing is a very natural and pleasurable marketing technique that can help you grow your business. You basically attract the right people to you and then your business. It is a technique that you can start online and then take offline.

Hence, for a more successful and less time consuming network marketing prospecting, you must ensure you focus your attention on the right target market and not just every Ann and Harry you happen to come across. If you want to know how the mlm top earners carry out their network marketing prospecting, vist MLM Top Eaners

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