Network Marketing Mindset – Have a Reshuffle and Build a Home Business You Can Be Proud Of

by Remi Badozi on March 23, 2012


Network Marketing Mindset - The Key To Your Home Business Success

The success of any network marketing or any home business often starts with your mindset. If your way of thinking is not right, you will struggle with your business. As many as jump into their mlm opportunity and start running around in the hope of making money often end up coming back to basic and get their network marketing mindset tuned!

When you are used to thinking in a particular manner, it can be very challenging to learn how to discover and maintain the appropriate network marketing mindset. This is probably the single biggest stumbling block for most people; yet it can be as simple as making that conscious decision to get it right and keep at it.

This content is basically about how our physical environment can have an impact on our mindset and how we can turn the table on our surroundings; programming our mind to function in a particular manner.

Just as I have done many times in the past, today, I decided to move several things around in the house – I did somewhat of a revamp. It’s not that I purchased anything at all new and there wasn’t any wallpapering, painting or re-flooring involved – just basic reshuffling.

The bed is now on the other side of the bedroom. The pictures that hung in the bedroom for months are now hanging on different walls – the hall way. Tables, desks and chairs have all found a new position, just a little bit different to the location they had been in the past.

Do you know what’s even stranger? I actually do this now and then. My children think I am weird each and every time I do this.

The key reason why I actually do all this moving stuff around boils down to an individual notion; may be just my perception. I passionately believe that various physical surroundings have effects on our way of thinking.

If you ask me, probably the most significant skills running a business – as well as in daily life for that matter, is being able to view issues from several different angles.

Henry Ford once said: “If there is any one secret of success,” said Ford, “it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as from your own.”

You see dear reader; I do believe success comes from being capable of seeing something from as many different angles as possible. Needless to say, being able to view a point of discussion or difference of opinion from a different perspective is certainly not easy. This is why we come across a great number of disputes, either minor or major, in our lifetimes.

To see outside your personal prejudices and consider the feelings and thoughts of other people does not just require practice, but it entails you utilising your mind in a somewhat different way than you are accustomed to.

And this is where I believe consistently reorganising and reconsidering your physical surroundings can essentially help…

Why physical surroundings affect your network marketing mindset

Simply by moving and rearranging your physical surroundings, you will in effect be forcing your mind see things from a different angle. The brain is designed to be quick to learn routine and as if by magic, it doesn’t take long for it to become complacent and start doing it’s own functionalities without any consideration.

Imagine you going out all day and then you return to your home in the evening and you find that all the lights in your house had blown and everything was in complete darkness, just by feeling your way around you’d still be capable of making your way to the kitchen in the dark to get yourself a torch or candle.

Sure, making the brain work in this manner is a useful ability if the lights go out, but I think it makes your brain a little lazy. My personal opinion is that it’s actually better to keep mixing things up to keep your brain on its toes.

Don’t you think?

You see, whether it is installation of your pieces of furniture in different ways or walking a different route to work or the shop, it forces you to notice things you didn’t before. It keeps your brain fresh. It gets you in the habit of looking at new things from a new angle.

And with your brain now in the habit of looking at physical surroundings in different ways, you can begin to think about your business problems in a fresh light too.

Begin looking at things in a different way right now

I admit, this all might sound a bit weird; my basic principle is not likely to be winning the Nobel Prize soon. But I truly do believe that if you attempt this you are going to discover it has effects on your mindset and the way you look at things.

Please take a different route home from work, move your household furniture around in your house, spend the morning hours in a part of your house or office that you really do not normally go near.

Just get started switching your physical surroundings and making your brain to make note of different things and your thinking about everything else will turn out to be a whole lot fresher as well. As you develop your network marketing mindset, you will begin to notice some improvement in your business as well as the way you relate to people around you.

PS: Please feel free to share your thoughts on network marketing mindset. What is your own strategy? How do you develop and maintain your mindset?


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Ryan Biddulph March 24, 2012 at 4:46 am

Hi Remi,

I do this all the time. Take different routes to and from places, change up my living quarter surroundings.

Change your perception, change your life. Easy to see things from a different perspective when you change your physical perspective, literally. Wear a new set of glasses. Change your surroundings. Watch how quickly you tune into other people’s viewpoints, or see your blog differently, or set up your squeeze page.

I revamped my capture page the past few days. More of a personal touch, with a video of me chatting, and I made my giveaway more clear. The genesis? Changing things up a ton in my life, as far as my surrounding. New set of glasses, new vibe, new acts.

Thanks Remi!

Ryan Biddulph recently posted..1 Selacious Little Secret to Skyrocket Cash Gifting Leads


Remi Badozi March 27, 2012 at 9:56 am

Hey Ryan

I’m glad it’s not just me! Doing things differently once in a while helps you re-focus. Thanks for stopping by.

All the best


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