Get Network Marketing Leads Online By Following Simple Steps

by Remi Badozi on January 16, 2011

How To Get Network Marketing Leads Online

If you are involve in Network Marketing business, saying you need constant flow of leads is like trying to answer network marketing leadsthe question…”Do you need air to breathe?”  Of course you need leads that you are going to promote your products and services to – you do not neead just leads but targeted leads. The question is,  what strategies are the best for getting constant quality leads?

Well, the best places to get quality network marketing leads are online. Of course, offline leads are quite possible, however, with online leads you can ensure that you are getting targeted traffic and not just every Dick and Harry coming to you and wasting your valuable time. By having well plan tactics and sticking to your plan would get people chasing you.

There are three simple courses of action that you must adopt and if you skip any of these steps, believe me; you may find yourself going round in circle! One thing you need to be very clear about is that, regardless of the organisation you are involved with or what your products and services have to offer, there are three things you need to promote and there are rules to how and when to promote them – YOU DO NOT PROMOTE ALL THREE AT THE SAME TIME! There is time for everything….else you’ll get yourself confused.

Follow me and I will take you through the steps:

1.       Yes, You Are a Network Marketer….But, Who Are YOU?

The first thing you need to promote is YOU. The simple fact is that, if people do not see you as a credible individual, valuable source and a person of authority, they are quite unlikely to follow you. Until you are able to master this step, don’t even bother with steps 2 and 3. I have heard that quite a number of the so called network marketing “gurus” are telling people to “fake it till you make it!” This is a very wrong concept….if you think you have nothing or do not have enough knowledge about your niche to offer people, then PLEASE go out there and LEARN new things! If you fake it, it will definitely backfire – you loose your credibility and your authority! One of my aphorism in life is that; “…the day you stop learning is the day you start loosing yourself.”

Go out there and read more, attend conferences, get on webinars, watch videos, network with the real experts in the business, and join good online marketing forums where people share their experiences and knowledge. If you do this on a regular basis, you will be alarmed at how much and how quickly you learn. The more you learn, the more you can share with others; it is what is in you that you are able to share; remember the saying…”garbage in garbage out.” The more you can share, the more you will add value to yourself in the market place.

2.       Promote What You Know….Provide Solutions To Network Marketing Problems

Now that you have started to promote yourself, sooner or later you will start to get followers, so, the second and next thing to start promoting is a SYSTEM; some sort of way to provide solutions to the common problems of your market. Because you’ve learnt so much about your market, you have values – solutions that can help others solve their problems. You can help by recommending products, marketing tools and systems that you have used, are using or have heard works well to solve specific problems. One common problem that is experienced by most in this industry is lack of network marketing leads, if you have a lead generating system that has been helping you, you can promote it. As you provide solutions to people’s problems, you will begin to have an audience that are always eager to hear what you have to say. Now you can see why you need to go through step one first before step 2….now step 3.

3.       Promote Your Long Term Commitment – Your Network Marketing Business

Now that you are known to have values, you are credible and you have authority, people will trust you – you have provided solutions time and time again! The next and final thing to promote is this long term commitment of yours! YOUR BUSINESS! Look around you, nobody wants to join just any business, those coming into the industry are looking for leaders that can help them get results! There are also people in the industry already that keep jumping from one network marketing business opportunity to the other mainly because they have not found help in the right place. Because you have now placed yourself in a place of authority due to the service you provide, your prospects will find value in you and trust you enough to join your network marketing opportunity – as a matter of fact, they are likely to chase YOU with their credit cards!

If you have been cutting corners to get network marketing leads, well….I think it is time you STOP and do it the proper way by adhering to the three steps above. Although, the whole process might seem somewhat long, trust me….apart from developing yourself in the process it is also the most effective way of attracting quality network marketing leads for your business.

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