What Is Network Marketing Duplication And Why Is It Vital To The Growth Of Your MLM Business?

by Remi Badozi on July 19, 2011

In a nutshell, Network Marketing Duplication refers the ability of network marketers to replicate the proven recruiting technique of their respective leader or sponsor in order to achieve the same success.

Network Marketing Duplication

Network Marketing Duplication - are your team members successful by following your footsteps?

Duplication in network marketing is a very significant factor if not the main one. This is particularly very important to newcomers in the industry that have very little understanding of that crucial element that determines ones level of success in network marketing.

If you are reading this now and you are a network marketer, allow me to spell it out to you… just in case you are not aware! And if you are new in the industry or just inquisitive, please carry on reading as it will all make sense to you as you read on.

You see, the main key for building yourself a residual income in this industry is to LEVERAGE! As you must have figured out by now, network marketing is a relationship building business an enterprise whereby our greatest resource is OTHER PEOPLE! And they are in great supply everywhere

For your mlm business to grow, you need to teach your downline how to build their own downline such that they too are able to teach their downline and it goes on down the generations to come. Remember that the broader your down line is made of, the more robust your chances of earning a large amount of passive residual income.

The simplest way to ensure your downline are able to replicate your success, is to have an effective network marketing duplicable system whereby everyone in your team are encouraged to use the model. More about this later�

I must caution you here�..

Regardless of how much successful your mlm business is right now, it does not matter what you did that works for you. What matters is that the technique can be duplicated. After all, your lasting success depends on the success of your downline! If your downline can not duplicate your tactics, your success will be short-lived.

Now, if you are new to mlm industry, I implore you to read my post on Network Marketing Scam and then convey the following to heart.

Having found a suitable mlm company to partner with, a newcomer should seek after a leader or a sponsor that has a proven network marketing duplication model.

Most often, some ambitious network marketers fail to drive their businesses to the next level because they decide to try and work it out by themselves and sometimes because they follow leaders that have insufficient knowledge of what they themselves are undertaking.

There are also those people that simply refuse to pay attention to what their upline is doing and so decide to formulate their very own approach by building their own system.

Listen carefully, there is absolutely nothing wrong with making an attempt to create your own system and I am not implying that they don’t always work. However, just imagine how much time, energy and money would be saved if they just plug into an already proven network duplication system; a system that they can also easily and confidently plug their downlines into, regardless of how long they’ve been in the network marketing circle.

Before I continue, I most also mention those that fail even though they are plugged into a proven network marketing system but they take no action. They learn what it takes to make the system work for them but are possibly too lazy, can not be bothered or just keep procrastinating.

Read my post about personal development trap in network marketing <== HERE.

�Ok, what exactly are network marketing duplication systems?

Before I answer the above question, I must firstly share this tip with you.. .if you want to be successful in your network marketing opportunity, you need to know that this business is not about your mlm company but about YOU. For you to make it big in this industry, you need to brand YOU. I mean sell YOU and once people see you as a leader they will follow you and want to know about your mlm opportunity.

Read more about branding in my post about Branding Tips <=== HERE

And if you have a network marketing duplication system in place. I guess it’s CHECKMATE!

Secondly, there are more then often three major problems that most network marketers encounter when they begin their mlm business ventures. Such problems are inability to generate quality leads, lack of cash flow to maintain their monthly autoship and inability to build a relationship that is required to build their downlines and hence explode their network marketing business.

Network marketing duplication systems are system models built specifically to provide solution to every problem faced by network marketers. One of such marketing system that thousands of network marketers and me are using is a fantastic marketing platform known as My Lead System Pro (also referred to as MLSP). A large number of MLM top earners that you hear about are all plugged into MLSP.

Read more about My Lead System Pro <=== HERE

Simply said, MLSP is a very powerful marketing system and once you become a member you can learn how you can get your very own marketing system

Here are some benefits that you should expect to get inside tried and tested network marketing duplication system

  • You will learn how to target the right prospects so you can make more sales and more money
  • It allows you to customise and therefore make YOU unique, so that YOU stand out in the marketplace
  • You will learn how to brand YOU as the leader such that you build your team fast and you’ll never have to sell again
  • You will build YOUR list and not someone else’s so that you can use your list which ever way you please over and over again
  • You will have access to sales funnels that you can use to create multiple sources of ongoing income for massive profits to explode your bank accounts!
  • You will be able to generate FREE LEADS AND CASHFLOW while you grow your network marketing business
  • And much, much more…

If you are a network marketer and you do not have network marketing duplication, I mean you are making it but your team are struggling. Well, let me tell you, before long all your team will leave you and your business will eventually crumble. Who would want to stay in their mlm business when they are struggling and their leader is flourishing? What you need is a proven system that can help your team and hence you to keep in the raise and rise above where you are right now.

In conclusion, if you are a network marketer, regardless of if you have managed to sponsor someone into your primary company or not, you and your team �MUST HAVE� a have a proven network marketing duplication system that is so simple they too can easily teach their team members. After all, DUPLICATION is your ultimate goal.

To start branding yourself today and become the leader that everyone is searching for, network marketing duplication must be your priority. Then you’ll start having more leads for your business and more subscribers to your list than you’ll ever know what to do with.

If you want to Test-Drive this fantastic and proven network marketing duplication model <== CLICK HERE

I would like to hear your own opinion; are you plugged into a marketing system? What kind of results are you getting?


To Your Success,


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