My Lead System Pro Review – Should You Plug In or Stay Out?

by Remi Badozi on November 10, 2010


My Lead System Pro Story – In a Nutshell


mlsp systemMyLeadSystemPro is also referred to as MLSP and was previously known as MLM Lead System Pro. It was launched in September 2008 by three top leaders in the internet marketing – Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz and Todd Schlomer. Prior to MyLeadSystemPro, these three guys were just typical network marketers who were struggling with hunger to achieve business success. According to their humbling stories, they experienced some success but even greater failures in their primary business – just like a lot of network marketers around today. However, they all had one thing in common, they all very much believed in Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring; a concept that emphasis on using Attraction Marketing as a tactic to separate yourself from the competition by marketing yourself and not your primary business. Attraction Marketing is basically all about having your niche market (prospects) coming to you requesting additional information on your opportunity rather than you chasing everyone around to join your business.

What exactly is My Lead System Pro?


My Lead System Pro is a professional online marketing training system that is centered around self-branding in order to accomplish success online as well as in your primary business.  The MyLeadSystemPro Community has grown extraordinarily since the doors were opened back in 2008, with people plugging into the system from all over the world and most of them with proven results. I will explain later why some are not making it.

So, What Can My Lead System Pro Do For You And Your Business?


  • Top Notch Training

The kind of training you get with My Lead System  Pro is second to none. There are large quantities of video training in the MLSP back office that would literally take you by the hand whilst teaching you how to execute the exact strategies that are required for your success online. The My  Lead System Pro site is very easy to use, as it is designed such that you can start your training from whatever level you are when you join. You can therefore be assured that you will find the right point to start your training, whatever the level of your internet marketing knowledge is.

  • Fully Customised System

One of the main reasons why network marketers fail in their business is the inability to generate enough network marketing leads on a regular basis. My Lead System Pro provides solution to this problem in that you will have opportunity to immediately plug into the system and start generating leads for your business. You will have full access to numerous customable lead capture pages – allowing you to use various marketing campaigns to promote your business, attract more potential customers and ultimately help you capture your leads. You will also learn how to set up an auto-responder system that will ensure that all those capture leads are 100% yours.

  • Multiple Income Streams

MyLeadSystemPro is a completely unique system in that it does not just let you network with other people but it also helps you in generating cash flow for your business. With about 20 (and still growing!) affiliate programs in your back office (you do not have to pay to sell the products); you will be able to earn income from all on autopilot, as you promote the marketing tools to your list.

  • My Lead System Pro Community

With a 24 hours and 7 days worldwide LIVE chat room, email support, phone support and one to one support at your disposal, you will never feel alone. There is always a fellow internet marketer willing and able to assist you with whatever your query is. You will also have the opportunity to take part in the ever popular “ MyLeadSystemPro Morning Wake Up Calls” that takes place weekday mornings, where you get to start your day on a positive tone with inspirational talks from one of the leaders.

  • Weekly Webinar

Everyone in the industry is aware of the cutting-edge of our ever changing industry, to ensure you stay on firmly and are aware of what’s working and what is not, the MLSP guy organise ongoing weekly webinar trainings. This is where you get access to an elite team of 6 and 7 figure earners in the industry, you will get opportunity to learn from them and ask questions.

Does MyLeadSystemPro Work?


You see, MyLeadSystemPro system is a tool, a marketing tool just like you have your tools in your tool box when you embark on say building a chicken shed. If you do not pick up the tools out of the box and actually use them as instructed to build the chicken shed, then your dream of building a chicken shed would remain a dream. Like I said earlier, some people plug into My Lead System Pro and do not make money, not because the system does not work but because it does not work for them purely because they are not putting in the work.

The problem faced by such individuals is that they want marketing success online but don’t have what it takes to be successful – they are not focused and neither are they determined. They want everything dished out on a platter; the bottom line is that if you put nothing in you get nothing!

To be successful in the industry you have to put in the effort and time and with MLSP, the perfect tool – success online is guaranteed. If you are expecting to make a five figure monthly income with just half an hour a week effort, then you should just forget it, save your money and continue striving online.

The MyLeadSystemPro system will not run on autopilot if you just buy it and do not put it to work. You just can not leave your tool (MLSP System) in the box, do nothing with it and expect to build a chicken shed (your business)!

To answer the question “Does MyLeadSystemPro Work?” my honest answer would be yes it works but you need to have what it takes, mainly:

  • Determination
  • Willingness to learn
  • Patience
  • Focused Mind
  • Persistence

If you have what it takes, and you are ready to take your online business to the next level and start making great income in no time. Then allow me to introduce you to the best Marketing System, join MLSP here and get your 30 days FREE trial of MyLeadSystemPro.


Since the publication of this post, MLSP has grown even more powerful with more and more powerful marketing tools continually been added. MLSP is now available for Test-Drive at only $9.97 for two weeks!


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