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My name is Remi Badozi, creator of Remi Badozis Official Home Page. I am a wife, mother, friend, mentor, writer, & worshipper. In addition to all that, I am an entrepreneur, a business woman of integrity that is helping others to Make It Happen.

My children are my pride and joy and I enjoy the role of motherhood. I was born in the city of London back in the 1960s to lovely God-fearing Nigerian parents. I graduated with BEng (Hons) Chemical & Process Engineering form the University of Surrey (UK).

I am a spirit-filled Christian and a very determined individual. I enjoy reading thought provoking books and I love cooking, watching movies, travelling and going out with my girlfriends. I am not very keen on sports, but love watching other people in their various sporting activities. I love music and very much enjoy the South African beats! One thing I treasure most is spending quality time with my family.

I am very compassionate and I enjoy giving helping hands to others. My purpose in life is to serve others, to inspire and lift those around me to achieve their true potential. My success in life comes from the work that I do for the benefit and growth of others.

How It All Started:

Not long ago, I began to realise how fast our kids were growing and how much I really need to spend more quality time with them. Cutting down on my working hours was just not an option we could afford, as the reduction in my income would have a massive impact. For weeks, I pondered on how I could make more money and have more time to spend with my family.

All my concerns changed when a friend introduced me to an incredible Home Based Business Opportunity. Having tried the products myself and noticed how it changed the life of my family and me, I decided to sign up for the Home Based Network Marketing Business.

I love the fact that my Home Business allows me to make men and women feel good about themselves, bring back their self esteem whilst assisting them improve their bank balances through the fantastic Health and Wellness Company.

Weeks after signing up for the fantastic Network Marketing Company that offers first rate products and the best Compensation Plan for its distributors, I was unable to sponsor anyone to join my team. I struggled so much with my Home Business that I got very close to giving it all up amazingly, I could not even convince my friends and family to join my business!

As I am not one of those that easily give up, I decided to stop chasing down everyone I know; after all ….all I got was a lot rejections!

It was quite clear that I needed some help and so, I turned my attention to the Internet. Determined to learn what it would take to make me a successful entrepreneur…and that is how I found out about Self Branding Attraction Marketing System.

The system really opened my eyes to see and learn how MLM Top Earners make their money – how to generate loads of leads and sign up more distributors without chasing anyone, how to make fast money even if NOBODY joins my Home Business and how important it is to brand myself as a leader and promote myself instead of my business opportunity. It is a system that atomises what Mike Dillard teaches in Magnetic Sponsoring.

Magnetic Sponsoring is a MUST read book for every aspiring Network Marketer – Grab this book and read it…it is a life changer!

You see, it is VITALY important to note that, no matter WHAT your product is, YOUR GOAL must be to become a master marketer. You need to learn how to attract prospects to your business, and then you will never have to buy expensive leads or convince your family and friends to join your primary business ever again!

My Mission:

I am so blessed to have known the undisclosed approach that MLM Top Earners utilize in achieving their huge success. My mission, which happens to be my passion and aspiration, is to help and inspire other online business owners and struggling network marketers to reach their full potentials.

I have created this site and many others in order to bring hope, clarity and share game plans to those talented entrepreneurs who are discouraged in their attempts to pursue their dream and are ready to take actions…….

If you have ambition, dedication and a teachable spirit, then you are in the right place right now. I will teach you what a few selected smart marketers know and up to 97% of Networkers Marketers will never understand.

Are you interested in learning how to market your Online Business or/and MLM/Network Marketing opportunity? Then, I invite you take the next step by filling in the form on the below and let’s start on your journey to success….

Forget struggling with your home business, and learn how to build your business like the Top Producers!

Below is an access to my book that will show you how to generate Leads for your Network Marketing Business.

If you would like to learn how to work with me…CLICK HERE to go over to my Work With Me page.

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