Money Worries? What Are You Doing About It?

Money Worries? Worried About Money? Help Yourself To Financial Freedom!

Money worries are no longer a taboo to talk about, as individuals are now finding they are not alone in dealing with money problems. With the recession deepening, almost all consumers are now feeling the pinch and at such, more and Money Worriesmore individuals are freely talking about money issues with friends and family. One thing I have noticed lately is how people are openly talking about money worries compare to a couple of years ago. To a greater extent, individuals now have a more open and honest conversations about their money worries, mounting debts etc. People are now realising that many people are in the same situation even the celebrities are also experiencing money worries! So, why not talk about it?

With the increasingly job loses, house repossessions and people being forced into filing for bankruptcy, it is not surprising that we are now finding some degree of comfort in getting money worries off our chest in a verbal manner. Nonetheless, there are still people out there that because they want to portray success with the people they associate with… even when it is blatantly clear that things are going badly, they in spite of everything, tend to paste on a smile and say that everything is fine and that they are doing well. Meanwhile, the bills mount and the job search goes cold then before you know it… you hear they filled for bankruptcy!

Are you one of the so many people worrying about money? What exactly are you doing about it?

Recently, a survey (The Financial Planning Survey 2010) was carried out in the UK by the Institute of Financial Planning (IFP) in association with NS&I (National Savings and Investments). Of the 2084 men and women questioned, about two-thirds (59%) said they are worried about their finances, most of the people questioned said they are failing to take steps to improve their situation and just 14% claimed they have taken the time to identify their financial priorities, put plans in place and are working towards achieving them. Amazingly, only 3% of those questioned said they are rarely worried about money.

This survey signifies that consumers are worried about their financial position, yet most are not taking appropriate financial planning steps to improve it. Quite a number of people allege they are confused by the range of products available and that they lack confidence in them too and there are some who sit there and carry on blaming the government for their predicaments and then do nothing but worry about money.

I really never understood the reason why people used to have qualms when it came to discussing money matters. However, I am so glad that it is starting to change, because I am a great believer in the saying “A problem shared is a problem halved!”

Take Steps to Ease Effects of money worries

For so many people life can be very difficult when there is a limited amount of money coming in compare to the amount going out.. Money worries can cause a great deal of stress. However, when it comes to money worries, there is only one of two choices that you can make. The first choice is that you can carry on worrying about money which can cause you a great deal of stress that will eventually affect your physical and mental health. The second choice is that you make a decision to stop worrying about money and then take active steps to tackle your money problems. I know which one I would go for!

Whilst I agree that the government has some blame in causing some of the money problems faced by many out there, I also believe that we all need to start looking after ourselves and stop the blaming tactics. It is time we all take more personal responsibility when planning our finances, especially if we are to accumulate the money necessary to provide the standard of living that we aspire for the future. If we do not look after yourself and your family, who would?

So, what can you do about money worries?

A simple answer to the above question would be sop worrying about money! I know it is easier said than done; however, the bottom line is that you have to sop worrying about money. Money worries are understandable, particularly in this time of economic uncertainty. According to statistics (I just love statistics!), money worries are the biggest cause of lost sleep, beating relationship problems and weight concerns. Being kept awake at night worrying can be very emotionally draining and may have an impact on your health.

When faced with money problems, it is very important that one maintains wellbeing to help to ease some of the stress and pressure money worries can cause and also in order to be in a good frame of mind to tackle whatever the cause of money worries.

Maintaining wellbeing to eliminate money worries

  • Express your feelings and concerns to family, friends, colleagues, a counsellor or a therapist for emotional support. You would be amazed how many people are in similar circumstances.
  • Look after yourself by eating healthy, drink plenty of water and ensure you give your body enough sleep and rest.
  • If you drink alcohol, this is when you have to be very sensible with your drinking. Drinking exceeively when you have problems is not only an ineffective way of dealing with difficult feeling, it is also very expensive. Just remember that the effects of alcohol on mood are short-lived and when the drink wears off, you will feel worse. Too much alcohol doesn’t solve problems, it adds to them!
  • Engage your self in physical activities, as well as energising you, it helps you keep positive.

Once your wellbeing is in top notch, then you will have a better chance of successfully dealing with the root of your money worries. The next step in actively putting an end to money worries is to make an honest appraisal of your financial situation by assessing three key things; the value of your debt and/or assets, the interest rates you are paying or earning on these and ask yourself whether you could manage financially should your income be reduced (for whatever reason) or your outgoing increase (e.g. an addition to the family). By reviewing and making plans to manage the unexpected you would be in a much better position to manage your money should you ever experience a squeeze on your finances. Sometimes seeking independent financial advice from the professionals may be a key part of this process.

Cash in As You Learn New Skills

Before we get too deep into this topic, let me ask you another question; what would you do if you needed to make some additional money… say about £10,000 a year? Are you going to look for a second job so you can earn more money? Would you simply ask your employer for a promotion or beg for a raise? Even if your boss says … yes, you deserve a raise, surely you will not get £10,000 pay rise!

Why not build your own business?

Nowadays, there is no longer such a thing as job security. Workers are getting laid off left and right. Unemployment record is increasing by the day – higher than we’ve ever had it for years. There are numerous people who have found themselves without a job or money to pay the bills. It is pretty tough out there, no wonder so many people are talking about their money worries.

Nevertheless, in spite of the horrendous economic climate, there are (believe you me!) group of people who are flourishing, they are unaffected by job loss and unemployment figures. These particular people never had bosses to begin with, so there was nobody to lay them off.

This group of people are the entrepreneurs; business owners/network marketers that are pursuing their passions and making huge income from it. You can be a part of their ranks, if you have what it takes – not afraid of hard work, willing to learn and more importantly dedicated. You do not necessarily need money start your business online. Read my article here about starting online business without breaking the bank.

If you want to completely put an end to your money worries, you can begin that journey today… you have that very choice, right this moment. You can launch your own crowd sourcing business part time from home, and enhance your income. And once your home business income exceeds your job wages… you can sack your boss – NO MORE BOSS!

When you look in the mirror, it is your new boss staring back at you. The only person answerable for your financial future is you.

Hence, what are you waiting for?

Declare war on money worries by taking charge of your future… let me help you learn all the necessary skill you need to become your own boss. Get stared today!! I can help you get started in the health and wellness industry with lucrative opportunity.