Keyword Strategy – The Simplest Guide to Internet Marketing (1)

My plan is to take you through a series of internet marketing tactics from developing your preliminary keyword strategy in order to be able to leverage social media and all through to promoting your written content on the internet. I hope that this in depth but simple internet marketing guide will show you each and every important actions you need to be taking to successfully market your business on the internet, regardless of what type of business you are involve with.

If you are reading this article, the odds are that you are a business owner or looking to become a business owner and you understand how import it is to market your business online. Likewise, you are aware that the good old traditional marketing strategies are not only becoming more and more ineffective but they are also getting costly.

Any business owner that ignores marketing their business online is missing out on the successful business results that they can achieve with internet marketing strategy. Regardless of whether you are just getting stated with internet marketing or perhaps you are just looking to expand on the knowledge you already have, this article may serve as your critical self-help guide to establishing and applying an effective internet marketing strategy.

Now, let’s get started with Keyword Strategy……

What is a Keyword?

Keywords are the single starting point for any internet marketing venture. A keyword is a word or phrase that people normally enter into search engines such as Google and Bling or any social media like Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

 Why You Need Keyword Strategy

An increasing number of individuals are discovering businesses online through search engines such as Google. I mean, when people are looking for some kind of information online….the first place they go to is the search engine.

Just how do they discover them? Through the use of keywords!

The good news is it is possible to make the most of this consumer behaviour. Simply by optimizing your website around the keywords which are strongly related to your business and also the keywords and phrases that individuals are typing into search engines to locate you on the internet. This will very likely improve your odds of getting discovered by individuals browsing with these keywords and phrases and that will generate ever better high quality visitors to your business website.

Although it can be quite challenging trying to find out precisely which keywords will be getting the relevant individuals to discover your business. However, it is possible to ascertain the level of popularity and competition of a number of keywords.

Additionally, you can test out and evaluate how effective various keywords and phrases have been, in attracting targeted traffic to your web site.

Being a business owner, you will need to ensure that the appropriate individuals are finding your business on the internet.

How do you do that? Just carry on reading….

In this particular post, I am going to show you the best way to establish which keywords and phrases will increase your potential to get appropriate targeted visitors to your website from search engines like Google.

Keyword research is undoubtedly a continuous course of action that needs to be put into practice meticulously. Conducting a keyword research will provide you with useful understanding when it comes to industry trends and product or service demand from customers.

You will need to conduct extensive market and keyword research so that your business is able to develop its organic traffic and help you save from investing your money in pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns such as Google Ad Words.

How to Create Keyword Strategy

Below are three main important points you need to take note as you go about with your keyword research:

  • Write down up to 5 keywords that are relevant to your business.

Before you go creating your list of up to 5 keywords that are relevant to your business, you need to somehow put yourself in the shoes of your target market. If you are the one searching for your product or service in a search engine….what exactly will you be typing in the search box?

Bear in mind that I am not talking about your brand name…..but words and short phrases that kind of describe your business, products and/or services. Basically, words that speak to web searchers seeking your business

  •  Ensure your chosen keywords are relevant, complex and non-competitive

You will need to study your closest competitors and find out the keywords they are ranking high on. One of the best ways of achieving this is to type in your keyword list one after the other and make note of those sites that come up in search results – preferable the first page…..these are your online rivals!

Now, you must avoid some words that are purely “general words”…..words such as “business”, “marketing”, “advertising” etc. Such words are often highly competitive and are therefore very difficult to rank very well for them in search engines.

You can easily tell if a keyword is highly competitive by the volume of searches on that keyword. Obviously, the greater the volume of searches on a keyword, the more competitive that keyword is and hence, the more competitive it is. If you are quite new in the industry, then you will do well to choose less competitive keywords that are more specifically related to your business (these are usually referred to as long tail keywords).

There are a number of tools that are available out there that can help you to determine how competitive a specific keyword is. One fantastic tool that I use day to day is the Market Samurai.

Market Samurai is a basic keyword research tool with a number of functionalities that make every internet marketers’ keyword strategy easy tomarket samurai Keyword Strategy The Simplest Guide to Internet Marketing (1) perform. It has the capacity to act as a search engine optimization competition analyzer by providing you information on the websites that are contain the search term you’re trying to rank for.

Market Samurai does not only tell you the competitiveness of keywords but it also suggests and helps you brainstorm new keyword ideas, it can tell you the amount of backlinks to your competitors’ sites, the number of visitors they gets per day and also tell if such sites are indexed or not within the Yahoo databases.

Did I hear you say …”Why do you want to know what your competitors are doing?” SO THAT YOU CAN BEAT THEM AT THEIR GAMES AND RANK HIGH …IF NOT HIGHER! This is what internet marketing is all about! Battle of the fittest!

One more significant issue that you need to also bear in mind when choosing your keywords is their relevance to your particular business. Note that it can be quite tempting to use some ambiguous terms because they will be easy to rank for, the fact is…..they might not be relevant to your business. And if nobody is searching for such terms… and your site will just exit without anyone noticing.


Ensure you get a balance between relevance and complexity when you are choosing your 5 keywords.

Ask yourself…. “Are each of these words harmonising my business well?”

Just one more thing….These 5 keywords do not have to be perfect in the early days. Feel free to try out various ones just to observe which ones are best suited for you.

  • Create and optimise your website around your keywords.

Now that you have chosen your best keywords that are relevant to your business, complex but non-competitive, your next assignment is (if you are yet to) create your website.

Once you have created your website, you will need to now showcase it to the world and start getting visitors. But how do you start getting traffic to your site? …..lots of traffic?

If you want to drive potential customers to your website, you basically have to optimise your wesite. Optimising your site will fundamentally help to boost your presence on the search engines – making it easy for people to find you!

Essentially, it involves you ensuring that you incorporate each one of your keywords as a feature into your website and do some other bits and pieces. We will talk more about this in the next series…..BE ON THE LOOK OUT!

If you are serious about taking your internet marketing business to the next level, you need Market Samurai’s sharp-witted power to help you stir your keyword strategy and also to enable you get an upper hand over your competitors.