The Key Reasons Why Goals Are Vital For Your Network Marketing Business

by Remi Badozi on November 29, 2011


Stop stumbling with your mlm business.....set goals and take action.

One of the major factors that set successful people apart from the not so successful people is the fact that successful people always have goals. It is a well known fact that individuals that take the time out to set goals are more successful in life and in their business.  This is specially the case in the network marketing industry too.  I have come across a number of people that signed up for mlm business opportunity and before you know it…..they quit and come up with all kinds of excuses such as… “I don’t think this mlm thing is for me…..I have really tried to work it but I guess it’s not what I thought it would be.” Yeah right!

And when you ask them what their goals were….they look at you like they are saying”…what has network marketing business got to do with goals?” So annoying…..they never set any goal!

If you are in this industry, not setting yourself goals can be likened to someone that wakes up every morning, jumps in their car and then just drives for hours; turning left and right, stopping at traffic lights when necessary and driving in and out of the motorway. They end up in the middle of nowhere and hen say …”This holiday is really not mean to happen….I’ve been diving over 12 hours and I just can get here.” Really? When you set off with no particular destination in mind….. with no clue as to where you wanted to go or how to get there….what exactly do you expect?

You see, your network marketing business run exactly in similar manner. Unless you set yourself goals in your business you will find yourself going round in circle as one with no particular destination in mind. Ask yourself some questions……Is  this just a hobby?  Is your goal……to generate X amount of income in your business, to be a top earner in your mlm company?  Without a goal, there is no way of telling if you heading towards the right direction.

Even if your network marketing opportunity is just a hobby for you, you still need to set yourself goals and let your leader know your intentions. The role of leaders in the mlm industry is to give a helping hand to their team members. For some team members, it could be just a gentle push that they need to keep them going and for some, it could be a harder push. Therefore, if your leader isn’t aware of your intentions, they will keep pushing you for the next big contest.  Before you know it….that push will end up frustrating you unless you share your goal with him or her.

If on the other hand you yearn to become a top earner in your network marketing  company and you happen to have a leader that is always there for you and is constantly encouraging you to “just do your minimums” in order to get to the next level. But the real fact is that you long to move higher than the next level…  your leader’s good intentions will eventually begin to frustrate you, mainly because you have not set or shared with your leader your personal goals.

Let’s  assume you have set goals and say your goal is to make $1250 per month in your mlm business. You have a child that goes to a private school and that $1250 is just what you need for the tuition. Provided you meet that goal of $1250 per month, you are happy.  You really don’t have much time to spend on your business so that you earn more than $1250….but you are just fine with the monthly $1250.  Because you are content with the time you are able put into your business and your earnings, when your leader talks to you about the “next big contest”, you can wish her and the team the best of luck but let her know you’re happy earning your $1250 a month!   That’s your goal and that is success for you.  Now, if you’re not meeting your $1250 goal, you can talk to your leader about what you can do so that the business does meet your needs.

Let us look at another scenario, you long to become a top earner in your mlm company.  If becoming a top earner is your goal, you ought to let your leader know so. That way, you can sit down with your leader and map out a plan of action that will help you attain your goal. Together with your leader you can set mlm plan of actions whereby you have monthly and quarterly goals.  If for one reason or the other you are unable to meet your short goals, you should ensure you make necessary adjustments so hat you are well placed to hit your longer term goal.

As you can see, unless you define and set goals for your network marketing business, you would be leaving yourself open for frustration that can have a grave impact on your business. Regardless of how long you have been involved in your mlm business opportunity……a few months or years….if right now you feel that with all your efforts you had not progressed up the ladder, then I  encourage you to:

Find time to be alone (away from your usual environment) this week. Once you’ve found that perfect location with no distraction whatsoever, with a notepad and pen/pencil in your hand, begin to think about your business and keep writing whatever comes to mind.

Below are some questions you may wish to ask yourself:

  • Why did I join my mlm company?
  •  Do I want to stay with this company?
  • What have I learnt since I joined this organisaion that I didn’t know before…and excites me?
  • How much do I HAVE to make with my business every month?
  • What do I need to do to make X amount in my business per month?

The above questions would REALLY help you to get thinking about what you realistically want from your business.  It is very important that you are VERY honest with yourself when answering the questions.   After all, your goals are YOURS  and no one else; definitely not your spouse’s or your leader’s…..THEY ARE YOURS AND YOURS ONLY!

Having gone through the thinking process, from your notes you should be able to:

  • Decide what you want from your business and set your goals.
  • Share your goals with your family, friends and your mlm leader.
  •  Really OWN your goals…..they are YOURS! Write down your goals and place it where you can see it daily.

As we approach the end of the year 2011, there is no better time to start thinking about your goals. If you are yet to set your goals for your business……get thinking now and make sure you set your goals THIS WEEK.  It is only when you have goals that you can ensure you are one the right track and hitting those milestone to get your business to  where you want it to be!

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