Income Producing Activities – Build and Profit from Your MLM Business

by Remi Badozi on December 20, 2011


Income Producing Activities - Are you working ON or IN your business?

Income producing activities (IPA) are basically actions that you take towards your business that will directly or sometimes indirectly result in creating cash flow. Sometimes when we are so engrossed with a thousand and one things to get accomplished, we tend to lose concentration and kind of shift our attentions away from those activities that create our cash flow. This is particularly the case with network marketers.

As more as more individuals get involve in the network marketing industry, there has been more and more time spent ON the business and not actually in the business. When you spend so much time trying to perfect the design on that leaflet or your business card or you spend so much time trying to make your website look top notch, you are actually wasting time ON the business and not IN the business – performing income producing activities.

It is remarkable how fast the time flies by on a daily basis especially when you really feel so occupied! Nevertheless, after your busy day you finally take a seat and reflect on what has been achieved, what exactly do you observe? If there aren’t things you have checked out off from your priority projects, odds are you have not been working IN your business.

Below are some actions that are not income producing activities.

  • Tweaking and tweaking the design of your leaflet, business cards etc to really make it look just right; how about spending time distributing the leaflets?
  • Spending time chatting on the telephone with your friends or family members about your business enterprise; how about prospecting?
  • Consistently grumpy about your mlm company/team leader; these people may know one or two things that can help build your business. Can you use OTHER people’s ideas to the wheel going?
  • Discussing about what you are going to or could do; why don’t you just do it?
  • Fretting over prospects that are obviously not interested.
  • Jumping from one mlm company to another; STOP and look within. Do you really think that the problem lay with the mlm companies or YOU?

If on the other hand, you are constantly checking your inbox for messages, read my article below.

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When you spend so much time and money on personal development courses and you do not take time to actually make use of what you have learnt� should check yourself, else you run the risk of falling into personal development trap. There are so many (and there will always be!) distractions around us especially online. There are too many people shouting and trying to get you to try this business and that opportunity.

If you are not focus and know what you want, where you are going and how to get there you will be dragged along a part that will take you away from your purpose. If it sounds too good to be true�..there might be an element that is been hiding from you till you get sucked in!

Although there is quite a lot to learn when you are first starting out�..believe me�.it gets easier if you can stick to the plan. Basically, you need an MLM Action Plan that will help you stay focus and in control of what you allow into your space. Sometimes all you need is good time managing resources that will assist you take work on those thousand and one items. Spending time to figure out how to put a banner on your blog will not get you paid.

Likewise, if writing contents for your blog takes you days upon days to write one post� need to get someone to help you out so you can spend that time doing more income producing activities. An organisation such as MLM PLR Store is a fantastic place to go to if you are in need of any form of article.

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Owning your business and becoming your own boss is a very sensible decision and very fun too! However, the truth is that no matter how much time you spend thinking about how big your business is going to become or how well you align yourself with those individuals who are where you want to be�..unless you take actions by performing those income producing activities�..nothing will happen!

If it is lack of adequate budget that is stopping you from undertaking income producing activities, there are ways you can build your business on a low budget.

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What exactly are your income producing activities?

Whenever you find yourself working IN your business, you are actually performing income producing activities. In network marketing, there are numerous ways of building your mlm business. However, one common factor when it comes to IPA is that because mlm is built on relationship, whatever you do to create or build on a relationship is considered an income producing activity.

Let me make this clearer�..

When you are generating leads – prospecting, making follow-up calls, recruiting etc you are working IN you business. Anything you do that leads up to achieving the above mentioned are all IPA��this includes mlm training and personal development. All of these things are activities that will grow your business and make a real difference to the income that you make.

While it�s very good to help others��you do not necessarily have to help someone else set-up their Facebook account. Rather stay focus on what you plan to achieve on the day and resolve their problems by simply delegating information�.point them to a video or an article or to use Google! Bottom line is� not neglect your income producing activities in the name of helping others. Of course if you are making money from it�.then it becomes an IPA!

It is also very essential for the success of your mlm business that you feed your mind on a daily basis by listening to great audios or reading books that will help set your mind in a success-driven frame.

One of the best ways to ensure that you are indeed working IN your business is to begin your day with a set of strategies that you must accomplish that day. Set yourself business schedule that will involve some income producing activities that will move your business forward. Remember that whatever you put into your business is what you get�.give your business what it needs (it deserves it!), respect it and give it your full attention!

Provided you have set yourself a business schedule that will ensure you are dedicated to your business, it will assist you in knowing WHAT you will be working on. Moreover, you�ll find yourself working more IN your business than working ON your business. Remember�.all work and no play makes Johnny a dull man……schedule time for breaks and lunch!� Then get back to something that will truly make a difference IN your business�..Income Producing Activities.

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Tristram Lodge December 22, 2011 at 8:47 pm

Hi Remi,

You made a very good point at in this post about helping people. While it is important to help people sometimes it can take up a lot of your time. I was listening to David Wood the other day and he said to always be busy, even go as far to get people to call you back in an hour or so, so they think your are busy.

I think the trick is to fit people into your time once you have done all your IPA tasks for the day. Thanks for sharing such a great post.

Tristram Lodge
Tristram Lodge recently posted..How To Do Keyword Research


Remi Badozi December 23, 2011 at 3:42 am


You are so right! Sometimes even when you go out of your way to help……you find that some people are not really looking for help but looking to compare notes. Not that comparing notes is a bad thing but at least if they come out with it you’ll know which angle to come from. Like you said, it’s better to fit people into your time once you have done all your income producing activities for the day.

Thanks for stopping by and dropping your quality comment.



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