How To Ensure Success In Your Online Or Network Marketing Business

by Remi Badozi on September 10, 2010

Online Business and Network Marketing Business success is not a myth but a reality and very possible to attain if the principles of success are adhered to. However, it can not be achieved overnight. Success is a journey that requires hard work, persistence and focus. One key factor that would fuel your journey to success is belief. Just like a moving vehicle, unless there is enough fuel in the vehicle there is a limit to how far that vehicle will go. Similarly, if you do not have a strong (enough) belief to carry you through the journey of success, you may not reach that point of success.
For your business to be successful, there are a few key concepts that you need to be aware of and need to put into consideration as you embark on the journey:

1.  What is your goal? – you need a very good understanding of where you are going to help you stay focus. It is very important that you set yourself realistic goals. For example a number of  people covert what their friends or families have, so they work hard because they think that they want the best looking partners, the most expensive cars or houses largely because the society has unfortunately defined them as success. As good and as wonderful as these things are, they may indeed be a by-product other peoples’ success. Even if they are indeed things that you truly want, would having them really make you successful? What I am saying is that, there are some things that would come to you generally when you are successful! So set your goals wisely, the sky is the limit…

2.  Be a Learner – you can not increase beyond your knowledge. To increase in any area of your life, you need to update your knowledge consistently. You must grow to be curious, have an intriguing heart – a mind that wants to know more. Have a mentor and make good use of the libraries, seminars, bookstores, friends, professors, and, of course, the Internet. If you are technologically poor, you can learn. Thanks to technology, you can learn to do anything you really want to do. All you need is the motivation and commitment. You can learn to fly an airplane, drive a truck, scuba dive, fix a car, how to cook, use tools, make clothes, use a computer… just name it.

3.  Develop a creative mind – a person that is always thinking has a lot of ideas. Creative thinking is an ability to think beyond the box and thereby breaking out. Thinking always preside achievements, nothing can be achieved without first thinking about it. Have regular brainstorming sessions; it helps in decision making and creating new ideas. By asking questions, you can easily stimulate curiosity and creativity which would prove helpful for all kinds of endeavours, whether problem solving, product development, inventing, or communication.

4.  Appreciate Time – we may all have 24 hours everyday, but in reality, the actual experience is very different. Do away with procrastination, if you can do it today, do it and do not leave it till tomorrow. If you do not use your time wisely or you spend it in an unproductive way, you are prolonging your journey to find success. Respect other people’s time and you would be treated as a person of value. Use your time wisely and understand how YOU waste time, so you may realize and put it to better use. I love the saying “Time is money”, so please do not waste money (time) and do not allow other people to waste your time. Believe me, “Time waits for no one!”

5.  Be an helper – when you give an helping hand to others, you are adding value to your own life. You should therefore aim to give back what you have benefited from other people you have come in contact with and have cared for you in their different ways. Look around you, there are always people in need of help in one way or the other. You do not need to be rich and powerful before you can be an helper; you do not have to spend a dime to give an helping hand, it could be your time, your knowledge or even your smile. Just give in small ways now and gradually do more as you progress. “There is enormous power in sharing your experience with others. Don’t minimize the value of your life wisdom. As we stretch and explore and share, we inspire others to do the same. You never know when one moment of you sharing your heart with another will inspire them to climb an important mountain in their life.” (Carolyn B. Ellis)

6.  Associate with the right people – are you associating with positive people who are interested in helping you achieve your goals?  You need people who would be there to encourage you when your morals are down; remember, road to success can be very bumpy. Associate yourself with people that would be there to offer advice when you don’t know what to do next and when you are faced with challenges. When you make mistakes and blunders, you need people that will remind you that you are still on the right track and not people that will advise you to give up now. And don’t forget to continually show your appreciations to your supporters, they are your backbones!

In a nutshell, the main key to success is belief, once you are able to sow the seed of belief through your thinking; the kind of success you want would be defined. And because of your belief, your conscious decision to achieve will cause you to be determined. Once you are determined to succeed, conviction will arise inside inside of you. Your journey to success would then be fuelled by conviction  until you arrive at your destination called success. Yes, there would be hard work but that hard work will seem effortless as you are driven and fuelled by conviction and following the principles of success.

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