How to Effectively Use Traffic Exchange Sites for Network Marketing

If you are yet to read the first part of my post on traffic exchange (TE), I suggest you head over there first HERE and then come back here to discover how to effectively use traffic exchange sites for network marketing.

Just in case you have heard that traffic exchanges are waste of time, I can tell you that it is only those who do not treat traffic exchange sites as what they really are that find them waste of time. I shared in my previous post what type of sites/pages you should have showing on traffic exchange sites.

To use traffic exchanges sites efficiently, you must first and foremost understand how they work. Basically you view other people’s web sites for the privilege of them viewing yours. I am not by any means implying that the conversion rate on traffic exchanges is high, because they are not when you compare this marketing strategy to others out there.

However, you can get good results, as I am going to teach you simple tricks that can multiply the viewings of your sites by 5 times.

Below are the strategies you may wish to employ:

  • Sign-up at a minimum of 5 traffic exchange sites – if you are still with me, I will explain why a minimum of 5 TE sites. Below are some traffic exchange sites I recommend:
    • Traffic Ad Bar
    • Tabzi (Currently in pre-launch – looks very promising; a traffic exchange and social network for internet marketers!)
    • EasyHits4u
    • I Love Hits
    • Traffic-Splash
    • Sweeva
    • Hit2Hit
    • StartXchange
    • Traffic Swarm
    • WebBizInsider
  • Register your website URL in all the traffic exchange sites you signed-up for.
  • Decide before hand how many websites or how long you are going to surf every day. Traffic exchange sites can be very addictive. So, be very disciplined and ensure you set yourself a limit, and once you have hit that limit, move on to something else.
  • Open up each traffic exchange site in a separate tab such that each tab has a site active and ready for surfing.
  • As each traffic exchange site relies on timers in order for you to earn credit, you want to maximize the number of sites you surf at a given time period. The ultimate objective is to now surf from all the opened different traffic exchanges at the same time, but in different tabs on your browser.
  • Click on the first, and while that timer is counting down, immediately go to the second one click on the site, then the third and so on. To go quickly to the next tab, click on (Ctrl) + (Tab) on your keyboard. By the time you have clicked on the 5th exchange, the timer on the 1st one will have finished and will be ready for you to click on again
  • Carry on doing this till your allotted time is reached – say half hour per day. By Utilising this method you will notice that you are able to view more sites during a particular period and hence more visitors to your site(s), without spending any additional money or time.

If you decide to follow my tactics, you should upgrade your browser to Firefox and ensure you install the No Script add-on. This will stop most of the audio and pop-ups from the pages you view in the traffic exchange frame. Firefox is much more secure and quicker then Internet Explorer and it also makes it easier and faster to toggle between each tab and is much less likely to crash then Internet Explorer.

I recommend that you do not go for upgraded version of any of these TE sites right away, try them out for free first. When you start to notice good results from using traffic exchange sites for your network marketing business, you can then take up the option to upgrade to a premium package to drive more traffic to your site.

At the end of the day, it is all about a numbers game. The more frequently your ads appear, the better your chance of generating leads into your funnel.

PS: please feel free to share your experience with traffic exchange sites for network marketing or any other line marketing.