How to Convert Your Website Traffic into Leads

Are you converting your website traffic to leads?

In today’s post we are going to tackle tips on how to convert your website traffic into leads. To make it easier to accomplish this, you will basically want to figure out which powerful offer you will provide freely to your prospects, create a call-to-action to make people aware of your offer, and create a capture page with a form so that your visitors can submit their information in order to obtain your FREE offer.

Then finally, you will need to test and analyse your results to determine how much of your website traffic are actually converting. Once you notice you are getting a good result you carry on iterating the whole process. Sure you will agree that it makes no sense sticking to a process that doesn’t achieve much.

Below is more a detailed guide to each step I touched on above – your sales and marketing conversion funnel:

  • Choose on Your Offer

Choosing your offer is the most essential part of the overall strategy. It is crucial simply because it is actually what is going to catch the attention of visitors to your website. Your offer needs to be compelling to ensure that it is the preliminary attractive force that grabs the interest of your respective website traffic; providing them with a rationale to complete the opt-in form you have created to acquire their details.

Also keep in mind that your offer will need to focus on the kind of leads you would like to catch the attention of. As an example, if you are a fitness instructor, you need to produce offers that could attract people who are looking to enhance their fitness. Likewise, if you are a sales advisor, you should be thinking about creating offers that catch the attention of business owners that are looking to boost their product sales approach.

There are different kinds of offers, the usual content material offers include things like study reports, how-to EBooks, slide presentation downloads or archived webinars. Other offers may include a totally free trial run or demo of your respective product or service like a personal consultation. Needless to say, there is absolutely no reason why you should be restricted by what is standard.

Use whatever you believe is useful for your targeted prospects. Please remember the fact that your offer is actually a dialogue starter so it must be created with the primary aim of starting up a conversation which will lead to relationship building and then eventually sales or business partners.

  • Create Calls-to-Action (CTA)

Once you have ultimately chosen your offer, you will need to produce a several gripping Calls-To- Actions (CTA). A call-to-action is usually a button or simply a hyperlink to an online site that appeals to an individual’s interest and guides that person to your squeeze page.

Within the landing page, the person is prompted to complete a form and submit contact details to be able to receive what is being offered. The visitor will then be converted to a lead with whom you can follow up. Your calls-to-action may be textual content, a graphic, or html code, nonetheless it must always incorporate a hyperlink to the related website landing page. When you have a highly effective call-to-action, you are bound to convert a very high percentage of your website targeted traffic into leads.

  • Create Landing Pages

Having created your call-to-action, you will need to build the landing page that it is going to connect to. The landing page will be the web page where by your website visitors arrive as soon as they simply click your call-to-action, and exactly where they are going to complete the form in order to receive your offer.

One tool that I have been testing out to create my landing pages is the OptimizePress. It is a fantastic WordPress Theme and sales suite software that has been specially designed to help create amazing squeeze (landing) pages, sales letters, launch pages and even membership sites, all from inside WordPress with a very simple point and click interface. OptimizePress literally makes it point and click simple to create all of the essential sales funnel pages needed, and makes creating great looking landing pages that converts an absolute breeze.

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It never seizes to amaze me just how often people have calls-to-action that are not linked to a web page.

Whether deliberate or just due to negligence, the lack of a hyperlink will always make it more difficult for your website traffic to discover how to take advantage of what you have to offer, and so they will most likely throw in the towel. So always double, triple, and quadruple check to ensure that your entire Call-To-Actions are linked to their related landing pages.

As explained earlier in this post, a landing page houses the opt-in form where visitors submit information that enables them to obtain your offer. The details you get hold of may also be made use of by you to contact them. The moment people submit their information on the landing page, they ought to be sent straight to your thank-you web page where by they are able to gain access to the offer.

Be really clear in regards to what the offer is within your CTA. And also be precise. In case you are offering a free tutorial, say “Download our FREE X tutorial.” If on the other hand you are hosting a no cost webinar, then say “Register for our FREE webinar on X.” where X is clearly conveying a compelling good thing about obtaining the offer. This is far more powerful than “Download Now” or “Get a Free Article.” These are really not specific enough.

  • Test, Measure & Iterate

Your offers, calls-to-action and landing pages are the main components of the conversion process, however, you can’t hold on there. There is need for you to continually enhance your conversion process. Remember I said earlier that you need to create a number of CTAs?

You have to test out various CTAs, you ought to test several landing pages, you should also test out diverse offers, and then you certainly have to determine which versions most effectively enable you to accomplish your desired goals. After having a CTA, may be on your homepage for about a month or so, change the texting or replace with a completely new CTA, and soon after yet another month, evaluate which has executed the very best results.

If your landing page conversion rates are very low, shift the position or look of your opt-in form and study the outcomes. Don’t hesitate to try diverse variations; you could move back again in the event the previous variation worked much better. It’s going to be more than worth it whenever you have uncovered the most effective combination that raises your website’s conversions.

Remember: test, measure, and iterate the whole process.

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