Understanding Herbalife with Herbalife Reviews

by Remi Badozi on February 7, 2011

Herbalife Reviews

HerbalifeI have written this simple third party Herbalife Reviews in order to reveal some specifics that I am very sure will help you make well informed decision about the company and its opportunity. I must stress that this is indeed an unbiased Herbalife Reviews; I am not a Herbalife representative, so you can be rest assured that you are reading an unbiased perspective.

Here, I am going to review three main aspects of Herbalife; their history, products, and most importantly the compensation plan. In this review, I am also going to disclose to you, one of the most important aspects of this kind business that you need to be aware of if you are serious about succeeding with Herbalife – should you decide to become an Herbalife Independent Distributor.

I therefore, urge you to read this article in its entirety as there are some very useful information that will help you to be successful with your business opportunity should you decide to sign up with Herbalife or any other network marketing company. A proper homework is one of the key steps towards to success in this line of business.

Now, come with me as I present to you my Herbalife reviews.

Herbalife History and Company Overview

Herbalife was founded by a gentleman named Mark Hughes in 1980. Mark’s dream was to help people live a healthier life as well as provide them with them a dynamic business opportunity that is unparalleled to any other. In his own words, he dreamt of “a future brilliant beyond compare”.

Herbalife is a network marketing company with a product line that promotes weight management and nutritional supplements. The company is a worldwide (over 70 countries) market with a mission to change people’s lives by providing the best business opportunity in direct selling and the best nutrition and weight management products in the
world. The company is publicly traded on the NYSE, has a market capitalization of well over $3 billion and trades under the symbol HLF.

Just like any company Herbalife has had its ups and downs; in the early 2000’s the company had to change several of their products that contained Ephedra. It transpired that Ephedra was found to increase the risk for certain heart conditions. According to my research, as soon as that information was verified, Herbalife took proactive steps
to create safer products that were Ephedra free.

Those Ephedra products became available in 2004, proving that the organisation is very much interested in consumer safety and up-keep. After all, the founder’s goal was to help people improve their health.

Herbalife Products

Herbalife is best known for its products that help people lose weight and boost their metabolism. Their products areHerbalife Products produced using quality ingredients and under strictly controlled procedures and are developed in accordance with government regulations.
Herbalife offers an extensive product line including energy & fitness, targeted nutrition, and personal care. They offer weight-loss aids, cardiovascular supplements designed to improve heart and circulation, multi-vitamins, energy supplements in the form of shakes and tablets, protein shakes and bars, joint support, anti-oxidants, sun protection
and many other health and nutritional aids. Heir products are widely used by those in the sports industries.
Likewise, the company offers potential for an amazing income stream for an average person; a dynamic business opportunity whereby individuals get involved with the distribution of their products in exchange for commissions – representative benefits and compensation plans. The fact that Herbalife places emphasis on manufacturing the highest
quality products is very reassuring for any would be distributor.

Herbalife Compensation Plan

As a Herbalife Independent Distributor, you can make money in four different ways; from retail profit, wholesale profit, royalties and bonuses. Herbalife Compensation Plan is often referred to as the break-away plan. It is a type of compensation plan that is quite common amongst well established MLM companies. Basically, with the break-away plan, when a distributor meets certain performance criteria they are allowed to break away from their original sponsor. Following the break away, the original sponsor will get a percentage of the entire break away organizations sales.

Oneof the good points about Herbalife compensation plan is that it allows flexibility and provides motivation for uplines to help their downlines to advance. You can therefore, be assured that because the person who brought you into the organisation will benefit from your success there is a very good chance you will get their support.

What Are Your Chances of Being Successful With Herbalife?

Herbalife is a stable and well established MLM company that has been around for 30 years. They provide good quality products, leadership and are well respected in the network marketing industry. Choosing to be part of this company by signing up for Herbalife business opportunity can be very lucrative for the right individual.

However, your success with Herbalife Business Opportunity relies heavily on your ability to sell products consistently and your ability to recruit other people and build a good team.

It is important you know that no matter how great your company products or compensation plan is, without a well organised marketing plan in place, you are likely to end up struggling with the business just like many other Herbalife Independent Distributors.

You see, having a stable company supporting your business is not what really determines whether you will succeed or not. Many network marketers fail because they lack proper mlm training, support and guidance they need to help them to be successful with their business.

To be successful in network marketing, you need to know how to market your products and services properly; good quality network marketing leads are very essential, else you will find yourself struggling and unable to build your business  just like over 90% other network marketers. If you don’t know how to market your business, it’s vital to your business success that you get proper mlm training.

There is absolutely nothing wrong, if you choose to build your business using the traditional offline techniques  knocking on doors, chasing friends and families and hosting house parties. However, with billions of people worldwide searching the internet for products and services every minute…. just imagine the results if you can combine effective offline strategies with the ability to generate up to 30 leads a day online. With all this additional leads, there is no telling how your business will EXPLODE.

Now that you have read this Herbalife Reviews, let me help you and show you what the top Herbalife Reps are doing but not telling you.

You can stop battling to make it with your Herbalife business and start marketing your business a LOT smarter.

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Sonia September 30, 2011 at 1:02 pm

Hello Remi,
You are absolutely right with your Herbalife review. I have been using their products for many years and i can attest that the products are extremely good. I used to wear glasses which I didn’t, like but after using their product for my eyes, I stop wearing it and now I have perfect vision. The nutritional products are excellent!

Great article!
Sonia recently posted..How to Turn $1 into $100 in 72 Hours!


Remi Badozi September 30, 2011 at 6:06 pm

Hi Sonia,

Wow! That is an amazing testimony! Thank you so much for sharing….I’m sure my readers will find that very useful

Best regards


Alex August 19, 2013 at 12:24 pm

Hi Remi,
the Herbalife products are excellent products, I use them everyday and in my family have become an integral part of our diet.
Yours is a very good article. I wish you best wishes for your work.


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