Downline Performance – How to Improve Your Downlines’ Performance and Momentum

by Remi Badozi on September 26, 2011

improving downline performance

Improving Downline Performance

Regardless of which mlm company you are involve with, your downline performance is the key element that will help kick start your network marketing business in the right part.

If as a network marketer all you do is focus mainly on sponsoring into your mlm company and then stop there. I tell you…that is a mistake! It’s very important for you to realize that your success as a network marketer depends awfully on your downlines performance.

As a matter of fact, your downlines are your assests and you will do well for yourself if you actively assist them and lead them towards the right part. This action is what will help you to start tapping into the power of leverage in network marketing.

Regardless of how many downlines you have, unless they too are actively building a downline of their own and/or selling the products and or services, you will be limiting your potentials to earn vast commissions.

Here are five tips that can help you to improve your downline performance:

  • Guidance – Have a Training Program for Your Downlines

One of the things that attracted most people to network marketing is the hope of Financial Freedom. Therefore your downlines are aiming for the same dreams of profit that you had when you started on this journey. Consequently, you are the best person to teach them how to replicate your success.

In network marketing, success is simply achievable only by a team effort. If you are able to train your network marketing team the same skills that you have learnt from your own upline or otherwise and has helped you to build your own downlines, then they too would be in a position to replicate your success which would then have a dramatic impact on your earnings and that of your team.

Below are some basic skills you can use to jump start your downline training….teach them:

  • How to build a prospect list
    • Identifying and prioritising the best suited prospects from their list – based on certain characteristics such as family income, those who are influential etc.
  • How to approach and invite prospects
    • Knowing the diverse ways of approaching a prospect
    • Mastering how to conduct telephone invitations
  • How to present the business opportunity  and company products
    • Familiarisation with the use of visual aids and marketing material
    • Good knowledge of your company’s products and/or services
    • Training on the business system
  • How to close prospects
    • Secrets to handling objections
    • Quick selling tips – asking for the business
    • Referral selling – asking for referrals

With all that said, one of the things that I have come to realize is that most people actually learn new skills quicker when you take them by the hand and show them rather than just giving them the information.

Hence, having let them observed you invite prospects, sat in and watched you conduct your presentation; arrange suitable time for them to replicate your actions.

Don’t forget to give feedbacks and ways forward!

  • Monitoring – Maintain Flow of Conversation with Your Downlines

The only way you can deduce weather your downlines are moving forward with their business is to set them regular, specific and smart goals.

When setting goals, you need to bear in mind that your downlines are made up of individuals who are different from one another. Therefore, do not expect everyone to be on the same wavelength – outgoing and forthcoming etc. Some of them may be shy and would rather work things out quietly in the background. You might also have a few that are more proactive and would rather work things out themselves without having you bossing them around. There may well be others that require your gentle push or constant motivation in order to for them to “get the ball rolling”.

Based on the needs of your teammates, you will need to work with them accordingly and create a plan on how to achieve their goals. Once you have the plan in place, ensure you maintain contact with your active downline partners, tracking their performance and maintaining momentum.

It can sometimes be impossible to meet with your downlines face-to-face due to geographical locations. If that is the case, make use of internet tools such as Skype, email, facebook, twitter etc. to certify they are working towards their targets.

  •  Feedback – Give Your Downline Your Honest Opinion on Their Performance

The last thing you want is a team that is discouraged!

Therefore you need to keep a rein on your downlines’ progress so that you are able to give them feedback on their performance and also to keep them on track.

Ensure you are acknowledging their efforts and successes and whenever you notice that their performances are going down, coach them and keep them motivated. Facilitate frequent focusing on their goals else their motivation will quickly fade if they don’t see a direct path towards their goal.

Do your best to consistently boost their morale!

  • New Goals – Set New Standards for Your Downlines

The key to a successful business is continuous improvements. It makes no sense trying to achieve a goal that has already been achieved! Hence, as soon as your team has achieved their set goals, applaud them and then encourage them to set higher ones. For example, if theyhave consistently been able to approach five prospects per day, get them to approach ten per day! Likewise, if they are closing one prospect per week, why not set a goal to close two?

Having some success will automatically keep your team working and stay motivated. It is therefore, in your own best interest to ensure they keep working and stay motivated because if they have that success, it means more money in your pockets!

Show them the need to move away from average goals and into bigger goals in order for them to reach higher and achieve their big dreams!

Maintain a mind-set of: “You did very well; now you can do better!”

  • Teaching – Teach them how to teach others

Now that your downlines are able to move their businesses freely without you holding their hands or standing on their shoulders, it’s time for your final task with them!

Move them to the more advanced skills – just as discussed above; guiding, monitoring, giving feedbacks and coaching their own recruits.

In any case, your ultimate aim is to duplicate yourself, so that you can leverage your team member’s time and abilities. You will need to show them how to manage their own team the way you did.

As a network marketer, your team is your greatest asset, and they’re the key to you becoming successful. Look after them well… all you can to consistently improve your downline performance…. and you will enjoy the fruits of your labor as you watch your business grow by leaps and bounds.

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Steve Nicholas September 28, 2011 at 6:37 pm

Great post, Remi! You are so right about the need to build your team! This is the only way to build true success, and depending on your compensation plan, the only way to move ahead. After all, if you have a breakaway plan, you can’t get to that next level unless you bring enough prospective partners up the ladder with you. I read something interesting from Michael Oliver. He said that if you simply add one new business partner a month, and teach everyone of them to do the same thing, within a year, you will have a downline of over 4000 people. Who wouldn’t want that, as opposed to getting 100 people and having 3/4 of them drop out, and the rest get maybe one or two business partners in the life of their business?
Steve Nicholas recently posted..Checking Your Pace


Remi Badozi September 29, 2011 at 12:20 am


That is a fantastic idea from Michael Oliver!

Having a network marketing team that is consistently achieving results as a result of the leader’s input is the only way one can actually arrive at that point where you can sit back and start collecting your residual income!

Thanks for your contribution.



Tristram Lodge September 28, 2011 at 6:48 pm

Hi Remi,

You are so right in saying that your downline is an asset, so many people focus on recruiting more people to there business that they forget about the ones they already have!.

It’s much easier to work with those you have now than try and recruit to replace. You have some great advice here for everyone to take note.

Tristram Lodge
Tristram Lodge recently posted..Affiliate Marketing Strategies


Remi Badozi September 29, 2011 at 12:08 am

Hi Tristram,

Thank you so much for stopping by and your contribution.



Bless September 28, 2011 at 9:18 pm

Thanks Remi for your reply, once again, i appreciate.


Alecia September 30, 2011 at 5:21 am

Yes, I’m a nurturing person and want my downline to be more successful than me! So these tips are critical. Thanks.
Alecia recently posted..How To Get More Conversions On Blog To The MAX


Remi Badozi September 30, 2011 at 9:09 am

Exactly the key too success in mlm industry!

Thanks for sharing, Alexia.

All the best,


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