Discover The Unspoken Truth about Network Marketing

by Remi Badozi on June 30, 2011

The unspoken truth about network marketing is just one those matters that gets pass on from uplines to downlines without the intention of keeping secret…’s just UNSPOKEN!


Unspoken Truth About Network Marketing

Time and time again, I have come in contact with individuals that say network marketing does not work. In this article, I am going to share with you dirty truth about network marketing that you must know and understand if you ever want to succeed in this industry.

Now let’s go……

At first glance, network marketing communities seem to be a flourishing group of consumers who are all very pleased with the products that they are consuming. Well, there is no doubt that we are happy about our products – that is why we keep coming time after time to procure more!

One thing I want you to know is that what pushes that community of flourishing individuals is not just about the products alone, as a matter of fact, it has very little to do with it.

Just in case you are now puzzled by my statement……

Allow me ask you a question:

If you are already in network marketing, why have you made the decision to get involve in your mlm opportunity?


If you are still on the edge but thinking about getting involve with network marketing….why network marketing?
You absolutely do not need to say anything aloud in response to my question but I want you to keep it in your mind – right now.

Without any shadow of doubt, I’m pretty sure that your response is somewhere alongside of……. “I started off my opportunity simply because I needed to generate some additional income and hope to possibly even develop it into a means of financial freedom.”

Am I correct?

Very well, allow me to check with you one additional point…..? Just stay with me as I reveal another truth about network marketing.

Whenever you phone and discuss with your prospects about your network marketing company, what exactly do you speak with them about?

More than likely, you probably do try to adhere to your mlm company’s set of scripts which predictably ends up with the prospect asking you more and more questions.

===> Network Marketing Prospecting – Not Everyone Is Your Target Market!

And just right at the end of your discussion you notice that you’ve displaced control over the telephone conversation and you and your prospective client find yourself perplexed; all you remember is talking about your company’s product and/or service and the compensation plan.

Since the telephone conversation ended with you and your prospect been confused, you have no way of telling if you really passed the message across – all you can do now is pray and hope that your prospect will decide to join your company.

Yes? …..most likely account!

Here is why:

Contrary to what some top earners in your mlm company may make you believe, a successful network marketing business is not about promoting your prospect with your product or service in any way!

The one and only thing that you ought to discuss with your prospect is that same element that attracted you and made you fall deeply in love with your business opportunity . . . additional income and financial independence.

One of the features that make network marketing so attractive to a large number of people around globe is that this industry is built on monetary expectations and aspiration.

Therefore, if you really want to rock this business and recruit business builders, then you should be discussing with your prospects how your business opportunity can help build their financial hopes and dreams, so they can sell themselves on it.

Allow me to demonstrate this concept as simple as I can…….

Imagine this, on one hand you have your company’s flagship product and on the other hand you have the same quantities but in cash value, which one do you reckon your prospect would opt for?

The mlm top earners know the answer to that question and that is what they continually tap into to make their huge income!

Now, this brings me to another question for you…..

But before I ask the question, I want to point out to you that the answer to this question is yet another truth about network marketing that you don’t hear people talk about. However, if you want to have fundamental success with your business you need to bear this point of view in mind.

The question is…

What do you reckon is your network marketing company’s product? Do you think your company’s product is its health and wellness produce, long distance service or collectors’ items?

If you do you’re incredibly incorrect.

What you think of as your company’s product is NOT its real product at ALL!

Like I mentioned earlier, your network marketing business will not take off if you just thrust your company product at your prospects. It will only grow if you are able sell people on their personal aspirations – their financial dreams.

If you consider it, your company’s authentic product is their sales education and marketing program. Hence, the effectiveness of your company’s marketing and advertising system determines its capacity to assist you to yield great product sales and the more quickly you will be able to reap the financial benefits of your business.

Furthermore, as your business opportunity grows, at some point you would want to take the back seat and let your downlines undertake all the work and that means you don’t have to. (Well, let’s call it a training ground for them!) ):

Provided your network marketing company has a strong training program, together with the simple and effective the marketing system your company has in place, it would be easier for your downline to duplicate your success.

If you would like to consider it in the most straightforward form, your company’s actual product or service is its duplicability – its ability to duplicate!

Now that you know about this unspoken truth about network marketing, if you discover an mlm program that is definitely straightforward to replicate and you could have your prospects “promote themselves” on the financial dreams, you will have remarkably profitable network marketing business.

Your task is not difficult:

All you need to do is locate individuals who would like to accomplish financial freedom your way and after that cut short their learning curve by sharing what you know works  to enable them to go out and do precisely the same……DUPLICATION!

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To Your Success,


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Jennifer Fisher June 30, 2011 at 4:32 pm

Hi Remi, I really like that ending comment “Let this “unknown” marketer ……”

Thanks for being a part of our Facebook group. 😉

Jennifer Fisher recently posted..Are Our Companies Setting Us Up for Violations?


Remi Badozi June 30, 2011 at 5:48 pm

Hi Jenny,

I really appreciate you taking time out to comment here.

Thanks very much for having me on your FB group – Respectful Network Marketing (MLM)




Steve Nicholas June 30, 2011 at 9:43 pm

Great post, Remi! You are so right about the need to understand this. I shudder to think at how many potential business partners I poisoned because I didn’t understand this. That’s why nowadays, I always make sure that I know exactly what someone is looking for before I continue my conversation, and I know that I learned the hard way about trying to leave some on the table when it’s obvious they are not right for the business. It has certainly made for a lot fewer headaches when I learned this truth.
Steve Nicholas recently posted..What Do We Reward?


Remi Badozi June 30, 2011 at 10:38 pm


Thanks……I know what you mean, not knowing what someone wants or need would make it even more difficult
to help them.

I really appreciate your visit and comment.

All the best


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