Discover Top Secret Strategy for Creating Content for Your Online Marketing Ventures

by Remi Badozi on August 13, 2011


Struggling with creating content for your Internet Marketing efforts? is at hand!

One of the most resounding tactics to becoming a successful internet network marketer is to master the art of generating free traffic online through various content marketing strategies, which if done correctly can lead to building an organization (list) of over thousands of people within months.

I have come to realise that whilst some individuals find creating content an enjoyable act, there are quite a number of individuals that do not find it easy to write quality content and in some cases some just don’t have the time to sit down and actually write. Well, there is a solution to both hitches!

If you are one of those that struggle with creating contents…. no worries! Likewise, if you are new in the industry and still trying to establish authority, you are covered!

Gone are those days when you had to sit down like a traditional writer, and write your own content while struggling with writers block, not getting past the first sentence and hours of confusion taking over you.

I can only imagine how much time had been wasted trying figure out what to write. And how many had given up on their dream just because they feel they are just not cut out for creating contents?

Well, one of the leaders in this industry that I so much look up to (Nicole Cooper) has really done a fantastic job helping thousands to go beyond not been able to create a good content..

You see, unlike most online marketers, Nicole Cooper doesn’t just talk the talk! This lady has the numbers to prove it, and she’s known to spend 10+ hours a day with her laptop on her lap, masterminding fool-proof 5 figure marketing strategies.

One thing that Nicole has been exposing lately is the fact that internet marketing isn’t necessarily that simple for network marketers, and can actually be the demise of your business if you’re not careful…. I couldn’t agree more!

The bottom line is this, Nic realized that far too many network marketers are getting stuck online hoping to generate tons of business partners, when in reality; they’re wasting far too much time doing things that are sucking the life out of their businesses.

One of the biggest time leeches is creating content!

However, today there’s a quick and easy microwaveable solution that really works and it’s called PLR, Private Label Rights.

After taking 9 months away from it all, Nicole has unlocked the killer content behind her free traffic strategies that has enabled her to generate over 25 leads per day. Nicole Cooper has put together a complete PLR site called MLM PLR Store, where she has over 50+ products (and still growing!) that you can buy very cheaply and put your name on it to take the credit and generate the leads.

You can get a peak here ==>>MLM PLR Store<<== CLICK HERE

PLR allows you to simply purchase content based on the topics that you need, edit them and put your name and brand on them, then market them. This allows you to build your credibility, establish your authority while creating a fan base that will become loyal followers and potential business partners.

PLR articles are really great way to carry out your research before creating your content. They are ideal when you run out of steam and in need of ideas for creating your next content

A word or two of warning here…

While I agree that PLR articles are great, I frankly do not recommend you just copy and paste these articles onto your sites the way you download them. If you do, you may be risking penalty of duplicate content….

Rather, use them for research purposes and then from there create your own original content.

What Nicole has done has provided a solution to the content creation problems that many internet network marketers are faced with. No longer do you have to worry about creating your own content  if you are not cut out for writing.

Check out Nicole’s MLM PLR Store <<== HERE

You can use the PLR articles in the following areas:

  • Blog
  • Articles
  • Auto-Responder Messages
  • Free Report
  • Ebooks
  • Ecourses
  • Training Webinars
  • Infomation Products

This lady has put all of her content secrets together in one place. Basically, she is serving it to you on a silver platter for your taking!! They don’t call her the Mailbox Money Queen for nothing.  She knows her stuff, and it shows in all the products that she’s put together on MLM PLR Store.

You can find it ALL here…and I do mean ALL…


The potential to transform your business lies right in there! As you mare or may not be aware, to achieve internet network marketing success, it is essential that you are able to provide visitors to your site with good quality and unique content that they are searching for.

Therefore, if you have been beating your head against the wall for what seems like a lifetime � trying your hardest to make your business work � and coming up with content that establishes you as an expert, drives traffic and converts your leads to paying customers…

I highly recommend you get your hands on these contents now; as she is offering limited copies of each product, so don’t get left behind.� Take action now and visit:

MLM PLR Store to begin generating leads and positioning yourself as a power house online!

Even if you do enjoy creating contents, I�m sure sometimes you wish you could just get a quick means of creating content so that you are able to carry on with more important aspects of your business.



To Your Success,


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Nicole S. Cooper August 16, 2011 at 6:16 am

Awesome Awesome Awesome, thanks so much Remi for sharing this info and btw, what a killer blog with amazing content. I look forward to your success as you’re definitely a rising star in this industry;)


Nicole S. Cooper recently posted..LinkedIn for Leads Bundle (eBook & Workbook)


Remi Badozi August 16, 2011 at 8:44 am

Oh! Wow! Nic,

I feel really honoured! Thank you so much for stopping by and your encouraging comment is greatly appreciated. MLM PLR Store is so fantastic…..I just had to share the news!

Thanks again!


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