Discover How to Establish Authority as a Newbie in Network Marketing

by Remi Badozi on April 3, 2011

Establishing Authority As A Newbie In Network Marketing


Establishing Authority

As a newbie in the industry, establishing authority in network marketing is very beneficial for the success of your new business as it would help you to develop into a leader in your given niche. When you are perceived as a leader, clientele will start to look for you, your products and services and so you establish authority as you provide them with the results they are looking for.

Establishing authority overrides the traditional marketing whereby marketers seek out the consumers.  With the advancement in technology, more and more business are trading online making it a lot easier for customers to look for and find products and services they require as all they have to do is Google their requirements and if you are a leader in your niche, your customers will find you. This is what attraction marketing is all about.

Like they say …”Rome wasn’t built in one day.” Likewise, becoming a leader is not going to happen overnight, it takes time, persistence, hard work and right mindsets; but it will pay off eventually. To be a leader you must know more than those you are leading, therefore to establish authority you must have values to offer. You are probably thinking…”I’m a newbie, where do I get values to offer? You LEARN! If I can learn the tricks of this trade, believe me you too can!

All those leaders in the mlm industry all started by learning – nobody was born with it. The good news is that you too can do exactly what they did and achieve good if not better results. Network marketing is just so amazing (I love it!); absolutely anyone can become a success story in this industry provided you do exactly what those who are making it are doing.

Below are some useful principal tips that would help you establish authority in network marketing:

  • Be willing and ready to learn

It is very important that you have a coach-able attitude towards your business. You have probably heard of the phrase “Fake it until you make it”, I’ve got to say this is not the way to go and there is a very obvious difference between reality and faking it. People who are successful in this industry are often willing to share their secrets to success and if you have the right attitude, you would be able to tap into their knowledge, duplicate their success and smile on your way to the bank.

  • Take action

Learning and not acting on what you have learnt is a waist of time and energy….nobody will take you serious if all you do is accumulating knowledge. When you learn, don’t forget to take action right away – do exactly what you have learnt, as by doing so you are building up your authority. The more you do the better you will get because you will be in a position to learn more; you will yearn to learn more….knowledge without action is nothing but FANTASY!

  • Be persistent

Llike I said earlier, it takes time to establish authority and build a successful mlm business. Remember, success is a journey and if you give up you will never get there. Most successful network marketers use duplicable systems to get to the top, all you have to do is do the same; it might take time….just endure and carry on. If it worked for me, it most definitely will do for you. NEVER GIVE UP!

  • Make friends (network)

Network marketing is a people business and if you isolate yourself, you will not be known. Having acquired some knowledge, you need to share and impact other people. I mentioned earlier that you also need the right mindset in order to establish authority; rather than thinking you want to a lot of money, think about making a lot of friends. Friends that you can help – as you help others you are perceived as a leader and you attract people to you, your product and services. You can only be successful in network marketing if you help others become successful.

The above are just some principal tips that would help you to establish authority in mlm industry. One thing I want to leave with you is that unless you get the appropriate mlm training as a newbie in the industry, you will find yourself going round in circle, end up frustrated and possibly giving up. As soon as you start you start your mlm training, you make sure you take action everyday, as it makes no sense to have knowledge and do nothing with what you have learnt. Even when what you have learnt doesn’t seem much, just do it! Every little action counts.

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