Let’s Get Back To Basic and Define Your Target Market for Your Home Business

by Remi Badozi on August 26, 2011


Defining Target Market For Home Business

If you own a home business and find you have done everything within your means to make it succeed, but to no avail….this article is for you! You see, unless you have a clear vision of your customer base, you will find yourself going round in circle. Having even just a little idea of whom your target market is will increase your chances of business success.

If you are just starting out….lucky you for finding this article in good time! If on the other hand you’ve had your business for a while and at the edge of giving up….hold that thought there….and let’s get back to basic.

Firstly, you need to take time to assess your prospective customer base. Work out who you expect to be your most likely customer – i.e. your target customers. Once you have a clear vision of your ideal customers, you will then adapt your marketing efforts towards those customers….this is Target Marketing!

For those involved in MLM or network marketing business….believe me, not every soul you meet is your target market! I’m pretty sure you will find the answers to the questions below very useful and possibly prompt you to revisit your marketing tactics.

Who is my audience?

Network Marketers and people who are seeking to make additional money offline or online.

What is it that they want?

A very large proportion of network marketers are struggling and trying to figure out how to generate leads for their mlm business with the hope of finding both customers and business partners. However, your preference should really be those that are seeking to join a home based business.

What are their biggest struggles?

Most of them have not had any success with generating leads and they’re tired of chasing after their friends and family. They are following every guideline laid down by their uplines and so are spending more money than they’re making and they desperately want to succeed.

How do they want to accomplish success?

It is no longer a secret that you get much more leads online in comparison to offline, Therefore, many struggling network marketers now prefer to use different internet marketing strategies to help generate leads…they know it works!

Most of them want to avoid making constant telephone calls to people that are not really interested in their business and so are hoping that they will have better chance of someone finding them online and therefore join their network marketing business based on their marketing efforts.

When would they like to make this happen?

Many have struggled for too long and are therefore in need of seeing something happen ASAP! Remember….they have been spending a lot of money on different programs and products in hopes of finding the magic bullet, and now they are out of time…..some are at the edge of giving up! Right now, what they really want is a proven system that works! They can not bear to wait another long period to see results; they therefore need a solution that really works fast!

Where is my target market hanging out?

If all you do all day is keep adding every name that pops up on Facebook to your friend request list…..you may be wasting your time! Most of your target market can be found can be found in company specific groups on Facebook. If you do your search on Twitter you will find many of them using their mlm company name as their handle on Twitter. Quite a few are now slowly discovering different network marketing forums like betternetworker.com.

You can also find them following network marketing leaders on their prospective Facebook Pages along with other personal development and wealth development gurus.

How can I get their attention?

Know that this people are looking for leaders that can coach, mentor or just direct them. So, to get their attention you need to be able to provide them with the solution to their lead generation problems.

As well as showing them how to brand themselves online, establish authority so that they can become a leader and more of an authoritative figure that people want to reckon with.

You can also grab their attention by showing them that they can make money outside of their Network Marketing business through various affiliate programs, so that they are not working under desperation and stress

What do I have to offer them?

Share what you know! Believe me, it’s never too little! Yon can create valuable content in the form of videos, articles, blog entries and/or quality Facebook posts and twitter tweets. You can also put together a free video training course that you offer them when they opt in to your blog.

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Basically, as a leader you will provide guidance to them by sharing free webinar trainings, videos and additional sources that can immediately address their needs and concerns. Once you have established a rapport with them, they would have proven to you that they are committed to succeeding, having invested the time and effort to become a better network marketer and leader as well, showing you that they are a perfect fit for your team.

You can then extend an invitation for them to join you in your business opportunity. Considering all the value that you have given them on the front end, they will realize that you are a true leader and want nothing but the best for your team…..more than likely, they will want to join you and your home business!

In conclusion, finding your legitimate target market in Network Marketing could be a little awkward, particularly for anyone who is still using the conventional network marketing prospecting approaches.

One main issue that I personally noticed about the old-fashioned network marketing prospecting strategies is that there are no authentic standards. All I see is conventional network marketers aimlessly signing up anyone who demonstrates minimal and sometimes no desire for their network marketing business opportunity.

If you are in the habit of sponsoring just anybody into your mlm business, of course you will make some money but such individuals will not hang around long enough for you to train them and start leveraging; this can be devastating and inadequate in the long run. As all it calls for is getting through the numbers…..one of the greatest lies of network marketing recruiting.

Prospecting for your home business should involve searching for qualified people your target market. After all, if for an instance, a hospital is looking to recruit nurses, surely you would not expect them to just go about interviewing just anybody they come across. I believe they would go to where to they will find qualified nurses, sift through the applications and then interview the most likely candidates.

Likewise in mlm industry, you should not just approach virtual strangers in an attempt to recruit them. Rather, form a relationship and find out how you can help them….it could be your product that will get them out of whatever they are going through or your business opportunity. Unless you take that time to form a relationship, you could miss out on a potential prospect by shoving down your business opportunity down their throat!

Be very mindful that unless you are equipped with the right information to help others, you will not achieve much! If you are in need of mlm training so that you too are capable sharing your knowledge with others….here is my FREE MLM Training Bonus for you!

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