Daily Checklist for Incorporating Social Media into Your Lifestyle

by Remi Badozi on April 26, 2011

Daily Checklist for Social Media


Social media are incredibly sizzling at the moment and very likely to continue into the near future. For the success of your social media marketing it is very important that you incorporate social media tools into your everyday life.

daily checklist for social mediaThe top online marketers have already been privately making use of social networking sites to push a large number of targeted traffic to their web sites and tremendously growing their earnings. An increasing number of online marketers are actually making use of these excellent resources and you can also be a part of it by applying some uncomplicated approaches to your daily social networking tactics and you will notice outstanding benefits quickly.

Preserving your online presence can sometimes take time…especially if you are not familiar with the so many social media tools that are available to you. I am going to give you some guidelines that will help you incorporate three of the most popular social media tools into your daily life. Making use of social networking sites is generally not complicated or time intensive. It is in fact less complicated than you would imagine as you include it into your way of life.

Below are daily checklists that can assist you in incorporating Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn into your lifestyle.


Twitter is superb ways of letting people know what you are up to at any moment of the day. You can ask questions and answer questions that are asked by others. Daily tasks:

  • follow back at least 7 of your followers
  • search general feed and pick out seven tweets that merit retweeting and share with your followers
  • Reply to at least 7 tweets  in full sentences! (avoid saying just “thanks”)
  • Mention a number of people that you have a high regard for
  • If you have a rant, go ahead and rant but do so wisely and not ferociously! From time to time, we all get annoyed with general issues of life, tools, computers and software. You will be surprised how people can not only enjoy our ranting but also learn from it. Reminds me of a saying that “a problem shared is a problem halved!” Moreover, you might get just that response that will help you resolve the issue – be sensible!



Facebook is a great means of connecting with friends, families and business associates and keeping up with what they are doing. It is a powerhouse for advertising, communicating and sharing information. However, you need to be selective when adding friends; facebook is not just about collecting friends, you can have a very rewarding Facebook platform with just a few connections. Bear in mind that the quality of your facebook experience will depend on the quality of the people in your network. Join Groups and like pages that are related to your business interests. Daily task:

  • Post a message on your status, make sure it is engaging and useful – ask questions, share daily quotes etc. If you are having difficulties getting traffic to your site, let your friends know so that others in your network might visit your website.
  • Check on your home page for birthdays and send birthday wishes. You can send a more personal birthday wish via email or Twitter.
  • Respond to every comment placed on your wall.
  • Comment on at least 7 peoples status or updates.
  • Share maximum of 7 updates that you find interesting. It could be something interesting you came across on the web, a link to a video or pictures.
  • If you are a member of Facebook groups or pages, leave one or two new comments.


LinkedIn is a popular way of marketing a business on the internet, mainly because it is easy for business owners to network with those that are interested in their products and/or services. LinkedIn is basically a place to find and be found, it is a platform where you can connect with people who are in your industry, people who are likely to be of assistance and boost your professional network and people you might be able to help in one way or the other. Join groups that are relevant to your field. Daily task:

  • Connect with people you share a common ground and interest with – only accept invitations if they make sense.
  • Ask questions – it’s a very smart way of connecting with smart and experience individuals in your industry.
  • Check out relevant groups and read up questions asked by others, if you have the answer go ahead. It would help to promote your name as someone in the know how! People will always remember how you displayed a deep knowledge of the subject matter.
  • The more intelligent contributions you are able to make in discussions, the more people see you as an expert – chose carefully and ask people to recommend you.
  • When people recommend you, reciprocate and recommend them too.
  • When you meet people offline and they give you business cards, check them out and invite them to LinkedIn.

Should you stick to the daily checklists for social media mentioned above, you are going to observe much better outcomes in your social media marketing than you will notice using some other conventional marketing strategy. One particular apparent outcome will be much more targeted and instantaneous website visitors to your websites

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