Create Blog and Contents for Your Website – The Simplest Guide to Internet Marketing (3)

by Remi Badozi on October 24, 2011


All about creating blog and blog content

Welcome back to series three of my Simple Guide to Internet Marketing, in this series I’m going to touch on how to create blog. I will also be pointing out the importance of creating a blog for your internet marketing venture.

However, before I go any further, if you are yet to read the first two series….the links are just below…go there and then come back to read series three here.

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Since you have now acquired a better understanding of how to conduct keyword research and also the tactics that are involved in optimising your website for high search engines ranging, your next step is going to be about blogging  and creating blog content.

In order for you to be able to blog effectively such that you are able to use it as a powerful means of helping your target market to discover you and your business online, we need to talk about your blogging platform….i.e. how to create blog and contents for your blog.

What is Blogging and why is it important for your business?

Blogging in a nutshell is the provision of commentary on a particular subject matter. When it comes to business blogging, the ultimate aim is to publish articles in order to share industry expertise with the readers…..just like magazine publishers do and not for using as a sales platform. There are 3 main reasons why blogging is important for your business.

  • It gives a face and voice to your business – it is a well known fact that people like doing business with people they know, can relate with and trust. A blogging platform allows you to engage with your readers and hence build trust. It also helps in ensuring you are connecting with your target market.
  • Blogging helps to boost your traffic – as you provide fresh and unique content on your website, you are able to easily drive targeted traffic to your site as it also makes it easier for search engines to rank your website.
  • Blogging puts you in control of your internet ventures – unlike social network marketing sites, having your own business blog makes it easier to control your message and respond to potential issues in a timely manner. More importantly….you can control what people are saying about you and/or your company.

Creating a blog

Now that we know the importance of business blogging, now let’s look into how to create blog for your content. Having said that, before we get into the mechanics of blog creation, it is very crucial that you start to think about what you are going to be blogging about e and how often you’re going to publish new content.

One of the most effecting blogging platforms that are available out there is the WordPress. To create blog, I mean a self-hosted blog (I will explain why self-hosted is better later), you will need to get a domain name ( and a web host.

The problem with free hosted blogging platforms such as Blogger is that, although they are quicker to set up, you don’t really own the content or the website because it’s hosted on Blogger’s domain. Therefore, should Blogger decides to shut down…..they do not need to even tell you as it’s there sites! Imagine the number of content that could be potentially lost!

If you want to make it online, you’ll need to start investing in your business and create blog that is self-hosted. Personally, I use for my domain name and for my web hosting, I use

Companies like www.Hostgator.commake it easy for you to buy your domain and host your site. Once you’ve purchased your domain name and hosting, you then need to set up your WordPress blog for free within minutes. Here is what you do…

  1. Login to your hosting account
  2. Choose the option to “Install WordPress”
  3. Follow the instructions as prompted
  4. Instantly the blog will be up and running on

Alternatively, if you think you are not caught out for the above really simple techie, then….there is an even easier way!

Having bought your domain name and hosting, go to and simply follow the instructions for setting up your free blog.

There is literally thousands of free plug-ins available that you can use to make your blog much more interactive, functional and fun.

A fantastic blogging tool that has helped me with my blog and would recommend to anyone is the Underground Blogging Secrets.

 Click HERE >>> to get your Underground Blogging Secrets by Mavis Nong

Crucial Components of a Good Content for your Blog Post

For detailed information about how you can produce top-notch content for your blog on a regular basis, I suggest you read by post in the link below:

CLICK HERE===>>Discover Top Secret Strategy for Creating Content for Your Online Marketing Ventures

 Properly created articles really need to incorporate a number of crucial elements:

  •  An Attention Catching Article Headline

Given that your blog post headline is the very first thing that individuals will see when they come across your blog content, it is very crucial that you make certain that your content has an headline that will quickly catch the attention of your readers. Ultimately, your headline should convey precisely what the content is all about, must be to the point and be keyword-rich for Search Engine Optimization.

  • Well Crafted & Methodically Configured text

The entire body of your respective blog post needs to be well created and formatted in a manner that helps make it easy for your readers to read through. Think about using header tags and bulleted listings in order to split up the written content into different segments.

  • Images/Videos

Appropriate image or video incorporated into your blog content can easily make your blog post exciting to read through and quite unforgettable. It also helps to nicely divide up written text making it so much more eye-catching.

  •  Links

In order to assist you to generate additional leads to your written content, it is a very good practice to always include in one way links to related content material. These could also point to landing pages (which we will discuss more in the next series).

  • Call-to-Action

Apart from writing content in order to share information with your readers, you also need to use it as a lead generation system. Therefore, every single blog post that you publish ought to include a call-to-action at the end of the content else you could be likened to someone that’s always leaving money on the table! Basically, blog articles help enhance lead generation – driving more potential customers to your business (again, will discuss this in more depth in the next series).

As you can see, you need a blog for the success of your internet marketing venture and luckily….to create blog is quite straightforward. However, you need to be aware that, it is one thing to create a blog and equally (in fact more importantly), you need to learn how to maintain your blog in order to achieve close to maximum if not maximum impact on your online business.

If  want to learn how top earners in this industry go viral and dominate the market place with their blog contents, there is a critical skll that I will like to share with you. This skill is so essential….believe me….if you don’t learn this critical skill-set, your business in the 21st century will cease to exist. When I watched this webinar and took action….the results has been amazing!

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