Common Self-destructive Network Marketing Behaviours

by Remi Badozi on November 21, 2011


Are you building or self destroying your network marketing business with your behaviour?

Network marketing has a bad name because some marketing agents use unethical or unpleasant methods to generate more sales. Remember that network marketing is about establishing a positive relationship with your customers. Read this article to find out about the most common negative behaviours observed in network marketing agents.

It is tempting to lie to your customers about what the products can do or about yourself. If you are good at painting a promising picture, people will buy your products but they will not want to deal with you again once they find out that you lied. Be honest about what you are selling and about who you are; if you feel you cannot make a sale without exaggerating about the quality of the product, you need to find another product with more potential.

Using jargon will make your audience feel excluded. If the person you are talking to starts using jargon, do your best to judge how much they know about the product or service and adapt your vocabulary. The people you are interacting with should feel like you are treating them as equals. You should assume that no one knows the jargon linked to your industry and you should address your customers in a way they can understand.

If you are having a hard time convincing a customer, do not promise things that are not true. Even if you convince someone to buy your products based on false expectations, they will quickly find out that you cheated them. Of course, you will have to use a discourse linked to advertising and present your products from a positive perspective, but do not promise things you cannot guarantee.

Getting leads is essential to getting new customers. Know your limits and do not look for more leads than you need. You will simply not have enough time to spend with everyone if you have too many leads. Do not overwork yourself: establish an organized schedule and know how many people you can deal with every day. If you come across many leads, plan to get in touch with these people over the following weeks instead of a few days.

Network marketing gives an important place to the agent. You are not only selling your products, you are also selling whom you are. Keep in mind that your attitude represents your company and your work ethic. If you cannot present yourself under a positive light, people will not trust you. However, you should not embellish things. Establish a limit when interacting with people. There are things that should not be mentioned when you interact with a customer, such as your personal information. Draw the line and be honest with your customers about why you do not wish to answer certain questions. Do not make things up about yourself: if your customer does not see through your act, they might eventually find out what you said was not true.

After reading this post, you should look more critically at your performance and ask yourself if you are guilty of adopting these behaviours. If you cannot sell anything without using these unethical methods, perhaps network marketing is not for you.

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Otoabasi Umonting November 22, 2011 at 11:24 pm

Great points here Remi,

the fact that people are faking it to make it has given this industry a bad name. I have to admit, I started out that way, until I realized that people were running away from me rather than come to me.
I believe that anyone who’s looking to make head in NM, should start with the basics and build their business slowly. Spreading jargon will only come back to hurt the person spreading it. Thanks for sharing this insightful post, keep up the good work.

Otoabasi U.
Otoabasi Umonting recently posted..6 Urban Environmental Elements That Can Teach You Marketing


Remi Badozi November 23, 2011 at 9:30 am


Thanks for stopping by……you are so right, indeed anyone just starting out should start with basics and then build their business slowly. A lot of people when they first start out, they just want quick fix – money now! …..not knowing that there is a lot to learn in the industry before you can start making the money. Network marketing is about building relationship and if you haven’t got value to offer, people won’t stick around for long.

Thank again for your contribution.

All the best


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