Can Traffic Exchange Sites Help Generate Leads For Your MLM Business?

Promoting your network marketing business at an affordable cost is among the key issues faced by majority of network marketers. Particularly when it comes to brand new internet marketers, the necessity to have absolutely free or inexpensive network marketing advertising is totally important. This is the main reason why many turn to traffic exchange sites.

The concept of traffic exchange is that of “I will take a look at your site, if you are going to have a look at my own.” Basically, within an ordinary traffic exchange, your website is displayed for a timescale of about 6-20 seconds each and every showing. Showings are based on how much credits you have (for example: 1 credit = 1 showing of your site).

Therefore, the more credits you have the more your website is displayed – more traffic to your site. Credits are acquired as you view the pages of other online marketers, however they may also be bought for a small charge.

So, to answer the question before us; YES, traffic exchange sites can indeed help you generate leads for your MLM business. However, it does take a game plane – an MLM Plan of Action if you want to really get network marketing leads using traffic exchanges in order to help you generate a steady flow of prospects for your network marketing business.

If you are building your business with a minimal spending plan, this is probably the least complicated, cheap and cheerful place to begin generating a great number of leads merely by making an investment of at least half an hour on a daily basis surfing traffic exchanges. You may think half an hour is too short to view enough sites, in my next post I will share some tricks with you, so make sure you come back

If you do decide to use traffic exchange sites for your network marketing advertising, it is very crucial that you use it for the main purpose of simply branding yourself and never attempt to advertise your network marketing company or product. You see, most of the people that surf adverts in traffic exchanges do so with the main goal of acquiring more promotion with regards to their websites.

It is very rare that you will find people in traffic exchange sites that are looking for a new business opportunity as most of them already have one. This is simply not saying that they can not or probably will not be considering a different business, but they may not be really searching for one at this stage. This is the reason I said you should use the avenue to brand yourself; as a network marketer when people get to see your face all over the place, they will get curious and want to know what it is you are doing!

Like I said earlier you can generate leads for your mlm business using traffic exchanges but you must have a game plan; yield to this advice and you will see results.

To begin with, know that you will only have a brief time frame to pass your message across; you will not have enough time to create a product or business opportunity presentation. Therefore ensure your website is saying exactly what you want people to know at first glance. Secondly, there are most likely other online marketers that are advertising your product or business. It is important that you take yourself away from the encompassing surroundings, in order that you stand out and get noticed amongst all others.

I can not stress this enough but it is vital that you approach traffic exchange advertising and marketing with a sound attack mindset. You should develop a reasonable hook to illicit notice as well as a response. Generally individuals will have to view your website at the very least 7 occasions before they are going to decide to do something about it. The more remarkable and unique your website is, the greater your response rate will be.

There are 2 main resources that are particularly relevant if you want to achieve good results inside the traffic exchange community. These power tools are classified as the splash page and squeeze (landing) page:

  • The splash page is like a sort of a billboard around the information and facts; it brands as well as presents you to your target market. When using splash page, you should ensure it has a clickable website link which will take the viewers to some promotional or response page.
  • The squeeze page (lead capture page) has an opt-in form attached to it. These webpages would are best made used of if offering a written report, e-book, video clip or any other gift in return for the requestor’s information. This strategy is a very effective technique for luring traffic exchange community to where you want them! This is because it will entice your visitors beyond browsing to building relationship with you, which happens to be the main reason for your MLM advertising to start with.

As you can see, you can indeed get some results with traffic exchange sites if you use a splash page and or a landing page rather than the regular affiliate page that most people use. Nobody bothers reading the sites unless something really catches their eye that is short, quick and to the point.

Here are your take away for today:

  • Traffic exchanges can help you generate leads for your mlm business but if you do not have a game plan, just do not expect to get much out of them.
  • Traffic Exchanges can work ONLY if…
    • You have a killer splash page that can get somebody’s attention.
    • You are promoting something that is unique – YOU!
  • If you really have to advertise your primary business then you may do so but with a twist! If you notice that the traffic exchange that you use shows quite a number of the same site as yours – ads surfers are very likely fed up with seeing too much your business replica site. This is what you do, create your OWN interpretation of your current biz site and may be with a link to your replica site. If your created site could stand out of crowd, it will give you more referrals then your biz original homepage..