How to Build a Strong and Steadfast Network Marketing Team

by Remi Badozi on July 20, 2011

Building a strong and steadfast network marketing team is very crucial for your success in the mlm industry. To start earning that residual income that most (if not all) network marketers crave for, you need individuals that are committed and dependable in your team.


How Strong And Steadfast Is Your Network Marketing Team?

One thing about leadership is that you need to have an objective and goal for your team. There is no point in leading a team if you have no game plan…no agenda!

Most of the people who join your network marketing team, did so because they perceive you as a leader, therefore, if those you are leading feel that they know more than you, it becomes difficult for them to follow you…if they are not learning anything, why should they say?

By all means you are not expected to know everything, but you should at least know who or where to go to in time of help… this is why we have mentors and connect with other marketers in our niche!

By all means you are not expected to know everything, but you should at least know who or where to go to in time of help � this is why we have mentors!

Your success in network marketing is therefore determined by what value you have to offer and more importantly the kind of relationship you have with your downlines.

In my post yesterday I talked about network marketing duplication and why it is vital to the growth of your mlm business.

Well, I received an email this morning from a network marketer stating that she has always encourage her team members to plug into a proven marketing system. However, she noticed that majority of them give up after some time. After asking her one or two questions, we were able to deduce why these people were not staying.

Hence, below are brief layouts of some significant key points that will help network marketers in building a solid and steadfast network marketing team. This is assuming that you also have a proven network marketing duplication system in place.

  • Continually Develop Yourself

Having you ever heard of the saying � knowledge is power�? Indeed, the more you know the better placed you will be�.as you will be more valuable.

Don’t stop learning.attend seminars, read books, listen to audios and watch videos on a regular basis. Nobody knows it all. And keep on top of the latest tools that will help your business or that of your team. Look out for courses or workshops on network marketing team building exercise.

Whenever, you learn something new, share it with your team. And if possible take them with you to seminars, recommend books etc.

  • Nurture Relationship with Team Members

The moment you sign up someone into your business, you need to find out as much as possible about them so that you know how best to help them build their business. Some of your prospects may have been in the internet marketing circle for a while, obviously their needs would be different from someone coming from offline marketing background.

Note that the fact that you have now recruited a member does not mean that you have less contact with them. Leaving them alone to find their footing would just be like leaving money on the table! THE QUICKEST WAY TO ARM YOUR BUSINESS!

Rather, have an induction with each member and work out each members strength, so you know how best to help them develop whilst also tapping into their good strength. Also always look for ways to promote team bonding activities within your team.

  • Don�t Limit the Numbers of Your Team Members

Contrary to what most mlm companies say to their new recruits… All you have to do is recruit 5 and then each recruit 5 and so on and so forth.

Do not limit the number of people you recruit into your mlm opportunity � i.e. never stop recruiting new members because you think you already have enough. There is power (okay�.MONEY!) in numbers.

Having said that, to make life easy for you and your team members, be very selective when it comes to recruiting new members.�Don�t waste your time recruiting just anybody, rather only recruit people that you are convinced are truly passionate about doing well. This will insure that you build a strong networking marketing team.

In conclusion, building a strong and staedfast network marketing team is not just about plugging your team to your proven marketing system. To make life easy for you, you need to stay involved with what is going on in the industry, keep the lines of communications open with each and every member of your team, Make use of individual talents in the team, encourage personal development, keep recruiting and encourage your team to do likewise.

As it is well known, network marketing business is about leveraging other people in order for to make you money. Unless your team members are well trained, building a strong and steadfast network marketing team will remain a dream.

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Mohammad Umar Shaikh May 16, 2012 at 2:59 am

Hi i have joined an network marketing company, and now i am facing problems in that i am unable to create my team so pls advise me some tips what should i do and how can i build my team. I want to learn everythng about marketing in Depth. so pls can you help me


Remi Badozi May 16, 2012 at 6:59 am


Thanks for your leaving your comment.

The only way people will follow you and join your team is if they see you as a leader that can help them build their business if they join you, There is a marketing system that I use to help train my team members so that they too can build their business and we’ve had countless success stories.

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