Ardyss Reviews – Why over 90% of Ardyss Distributors are Struggling

by Remi Badozi on December 5, 2010


Ardyss Reviews – The Official Ardyss Reviews

Why did I write this Ardyss Reviews?

This Ardyss Reviews has been written to give you a complete understanding of Ardyss International and its Money Making Opportunity. In view of the fact that I have personal experience with Ardyss, this will be one of the most absolute Ardyss LogoArdyss Reviews you will EVER read online. I am confident that by reading this Ardyss Reviews you will have a better awareness of Ardyss and more so, it would help you to avoid making the same mistakes that over 90% of Ardyss Distributors make – provided you are prepared to learn and adopt a basic concept that I have applied to my mlm business.

If you are an Ardyss distributor and you are currently barely making it with your business, just read on as I will be providing you with some tips to help you stop struggling with your Ardyss business, and climb your way to the top where you belong!

Now, let us dig into this Ardyss Reviews, yeah?

Is Ardyss a Scam?

NO! I can assure you, Ardyss is definitely not a scam but an extraordinary company with a really lengthy history in comparison to many others out there. I mean, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to be cynical about Ardyss credibility, since they’ve been in market for a span of over 20 years and are well substantiate. As well as having some great and effective products to be considered, they also have great leadership in place, and, Ardyss business design exclusively bypasses the ground rules of any marketing houses and retailers as it is based on the fundamentals of Network Marketing; simply said… they are doing a BUNCH of things perfectly right!

With this fact, it can be believed that Ardyss is a perfect organisation to team up with and design a profitable commercial enterprise. However, I must emphasize that my success with Ardyss has had absolutely nothing to do with the company, its products line or my upline. You see, I was fortunate enough to stumble on the secret of mastering internet network marketing  the concept of Attraction Marketing. Early on in my business, I learnt that being a part of a first-class company like Ardyss is not an enough rationale for being a successful marketer. Being involved with an excellent organisation simply implies that you have found a part of the puzzle and to have ultimate success, you have to complete the rest of the puzzle. The main piece of the puzzle that is detrimental to your accomplishment in any network marketing is that you are equipped with a right system, skills and marketing strategies.

I am not by any means suggesting that it is easy to create successful results in your business, to be sincere, it is NOT! Success in this business comes with hard work, learning of new skills, dealing with various challenges and more importantly persistence and dedication. If you have what it takes and you are willing and ready to learn; with hours of personal development training, you will become an entirely different person and in a better position to climb up that ladder!

Unfortunately, Over 90% of Ardyss International Distributors are struggling as a result of some noxious mistakes that are quite common to network marketers… continue reading as I will point out more about these mistakes and ways to avoid them as you read this Ardyss Reviews.

Ardyss International – how it all started.

Ardyss is a health and wellness organisation that was born as result of a strong desire to improve on the effectiveness of the then existing corsetry (popularly known as “girdles”). Ardyss International started out as a small business way back in 1989 in Mexico by the Diaz de Leon family. Mr Diaz de Leon who had just became unemployed, rented a small warehouse in Mexico City and began his business with 8 sewing machines, and about 550 yards of material. Through hard work, passion and determination, the company eventually flourished into an organization that could boast of a team of qualified professionals that were (and still are) persistently going all-out to create new products.

Ardyss is rapidly expanding globally with it’s headquarter located in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA). They recently launched out to the Canada, United Kingdom, many parts of Africa and the Caribbean. Ardyss International is a very unique network marketing establishment that is very much devoted to helping their customers to look and feel younger with their full line of men and women reshaping products, a variety of all natural supplements and beauty products

The Ardyss Product Line

Ardyss flagship product is known as the Body Magic, an undergarment that helps to reshape the body and allows women to loose weight temporarily as they drop up to three dress sizes in 10 minutes. The company’s Le’Vive nutritional juice combines five of the world’s most powerful fruits to help revive the inside of the body… the organisation also produce skin care products which are made by the same makers as Estee Lauder and MAC makeup. The skin products include moisturisers, exfoliate, creams that assists in fighting against the signs of aging, and a list of other products that are crucial to a skin care regime.

I personally love the Ardyss product line and as an active distributor, I always have a good supply of their products that my family and I make use of on a daily basis. I love the fact that Ardyss produces a wide collection of nutritional products, ranging from multi-vitamins to anti-oxidants. My favourite of all the products are the body magic and the yummy LeVive drink. I simply take 1 ounce of the LeVive juice in the morning just before breakfast and another ounce before my evening meal. In addition to its incredible taste, the LeVive also aids with vitality. Undoubtedly, individual results will vary; their product line will affect everyone differently. For example, quite a number of my customers have attested that LeVive makes them feel younger, stronger, or more vital. On the other hand, I have also come across a good handful of people that claimed not to see any positive benefits from some of the products. The only way to know if your body will benefit from the LeVive juice is to test it yourself and see if you feel the results… believe me, when you do get results, you get it big time!

It is a great thing to see successful companies continually moving forward and re-inventing themselves. The organisation is always looking for ways to keep their distributors and consumers happy and are also keen on attracting new blood and heavy-hitters into the company. They therefore, continually bring new ideas, products, and developments to the table to ensure continuity and commercial enterprise expansion.

Capitalizing on a $5 Billion dollar Industry, Ardyss is now taking GREEN cleaning to a whole new level! About a couple of months ago, as part of their global expansion plan; to become a multi-billion dollar company within 10 years, a new line of Green Clean Products were unveiled. The products are organic and environmentally friendly; they are GREEN personal hygiene, cleaning and everyday household products. These products include toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo, cosmetics, gels, laundry supplies, and so much more!

Below is a brief run-through of some of the Ardyss product line, for more detailed information and the many other products, you can visit my Ardyss corporate website here:

Ardyss Body Magic – this is the flagship product. A body reshaper from the reshaping line, it minimises problem areas and shapes up those tough spots – from your shoulders to your thighs giving you an hour glass figure. It has been proven time and time again that daily wear of these undergarment leads to lasting results as it helps with weigh loss. It is also said to help relieve back pains.

I bought the Body Magic for myself and to my amazement; it far exceeded my expectations as I instantly lost 2 sizes! My stomach was flattened, the rolls (thanks to childbirth!) on my side and back disappeared, my bust and buttocks were lifted and it gave me an instant hour glass figure. IT REALLY WORKS!!! I achieved instant gratification, inspiration, attitude, confidence and loads of compliments! It is an amazing product that helps you drop 2 sizes with No Surgery, No Pills, No Diet, and No Exercise…No Lie! The Body Magic is NOT just another Spanx or Kymaro

Ardyss Angel Bra – this is the “secondary” flagship product. Mminimises the breast area for instant reduction or enhance the same area for instant augmentation. It firms, equalises, reshapes and moulds the breast; the bra is very comfortable to wear and has no underwire or foam padding.

Ardyss Abdo Men – This is men’s reshaper and is designed to give a firm abdominal support and to reinforce the lower back. It protects the spine from backaches and muscular fatigue and stimulates muscular toning in your abdomen. This shirt can reduce the waist up to two sizes and helps to give a firm abdomen appearance.

Ardyss LeVive – an antioxidant that contains ingredients known to man and often referred to as superfruits. The beverage consists of the acai berry, the goji berry, noni fruit, mangosteen fruit, and pomegranate fruit. These five fruits combine to give you a drink which is red in colour and tastes very good. This juice is not watered down and most importantly, there is no added sugar, no high fructose corn syrup, and definitely no artificial colours or flavours. This means that in each 26-ounce bottle, 25.948 ounces are pure fruit juice and extracts.

Ardyss Multivitamin Plus – a delicious and refreshing multivitamin supplement formulated in a base of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, along with aloe vera and herbs extracts extremely beneficial to the organism.

Ardyss Unwrinkle Wonder Serum – a revolutionary anti-aging system that firms and lifts the appearance of the skin drastically; decreasing lines, wrinkles, dark circles around the eyes. It eliminates facial fatigue, aiding the returning to a firm and revitalized appearance.

Ardyss Stretch Mark Cream – enriched with vitamins and fine herbs. Excellent to help hide stretch marks through proper skin pigmentation.

Ardyss Go-Green Dish Soap (Eucalyptus Lemon) – gives amazing cleaning power to cut through tough grease and soil, leaving dishes, glassware, fine china, and stemware sparkling clean. A non-toxic, biodegradable, septic system safe, non-petroleum based cleaner that contains no dyes. Not tested on animals and contains no animal ingredients.

Ardyss Green Clean Laundry Detergent (Lavender) – this Laundry Detergent is a 3X concentrated detergent formulated for HE and conventional washing machines. The product is free from: parabens, enzymes, chlorine, dyes, artificial fragrance, animal testing and animal products.

The Ardyss Compensation Plan

Let’s admit it… Ardyss has very impressive product line! Believe me; they also have one of the most impressive compensation plans in the network marketing industry today. Ardyss International is very dedicated to help their distributors to succeed as they grow their business. Every distributor is awarded incentives of his or her own sales, as well as a ratio of their enrolees’ sales.

Every month there is always some kind of promotion aim at encouraging distributors to make sales and generate new recruits. The organisation also provides a Visa debit card for all of their rdistributors which they pay their commissions. Health insurance is also offered to their distributors at very reasonable prices.

Ardyss has 10 different ways of compensating their distributors. Imagine…. As an Ardyss Independent Distributor, you can benefit from 10 income sources!

It is quite possible for you to make a lot of money with the Ardyss compensation plan as simply set out above. I have heard of people making as much as $20K per month; this can only be possible if you are able to play the game by the Ardyss rules and more importantly if you know how to market and get people attracted to you.

So, why are over 90% of Ardyss Distributors still BROKE and STRUGGLING?

There is absolutely no doubt that Ardyss is a fantastic company with a fantastic product line and second to none compensation plan, however, over 90% of Ardyss distributors are still broke and battling to make money in their business. Only a very few are making it big time…earning up to 6 or 7figures!


Why are 10s of thousands of Ardyss International distributors making less than $10 per week ?

Is Ardyss International to be blamed for large number of its distributor’s failures?

This Ardyss Reviews has been written in order to be able to get the answer to this particular question. So, let’s carry on digging… in all fairness to Ardyss, they make the most excellent products and have first class compensation plan; they provide so many opportunities (avenues) for their distributors to make as much money as possible. However, just like any other organisation, they also have some set of quotas and stipulations that some distributors battle with.

With that said, quite a number of people join a network marketing program without a clue as to how to successfully market the products, how to attract people to their business – the game plans when it comes to recruiting new distributors. They make some lethal mistakes that are KILLING their business. These mistakes are the reasons majority of Ardyss Distributors are not achieving, lose money and then eventually quit, I must also point out that some of these problems are not necessarily the distributors fault, but then again… it is their business and every like-minded person ought to do everything in their power to make a success of their business  giving up should not be an option! Here are some of these problems and brief introduction to how to overcome them:


  • Lack of a Marketing Budget

One of the basic requirements for any business to succeed is money. If you don’t have a budget, your business will suffer. For a start, the autoship costs money. As an Ardyss Distributor, you can not claim to be an Ardyss business owner if you are unable to commit to investing in autoship each month; it’s just part of the deal! Autoship is an opportunity for you to actually use the product you are selling.  The real training courses cost money. Marketing your business also costs money. This is not a hobby, but a true business. The odds are even more greatly stacked against you if you are just getting started!

To overcome this problem, you need to have an additional income stream to feed your business. And no I’m not saying get an additional JOB! Well, do you know that there is a way to make money off of EVERY single person you talked to about your business; regardless of whether or not they joined your business?

  • Lack of proper marketing training

Network marketing is about developing a business relationship that is mutually beneficial to you and to your business prospect. When I first joined Ardyss, I remember been told to go to my Ardyss website back office where there are loads of training packages. Indeed there were a lot of training and as a newbie; I learnt a lot ABOUT THE COMPANY. One problem I had was that when the new enrolees started rolling in, I really didn’t have much to give them with regards to marketing.

I mean, all I had they could easily get in their back office. When someone decides to join an opportunity, it is because they have problems in their life that need a solution. Some join because they want more money; others want more time with their loved ones and so on. I lost a number of new enrolees as I didn’t really have what they were looking for proper marketing training to actually make the business work for them.

Whilst I am not against OFFLINE MARKETING TACTICS!!! I personally have found more success in ONLINE MARKETING.

As a network marketer you need to provide not just your personality but also value; value in the form of knowledge; not just knowledge about the company, its product line or the compensation plan. The knowledge a new recruit will need will be how to market their new busines or at least you should be able to show them the same information that you used to become a good marketer; if you are a good marketer.

Coming into your business, a new recruit will need to have direction and guidance. They need to know that you have a plan for them or a system that will help them become successful. You need to be able to show them that you can bring them to a higher place in life than they are right now. You will not get that knowledge from your Ardyss back office! You DO need skills (transferable skills!) in this business. You also need to know where to get those skills and how to apply them, so every month is a good month for you.

Remember, if your downlines are not making money, you will not make money; that’s why it’s network marketing!

  • Lack of Consistent Flow of Quality Prospects

Not sure if you’ve ever noticed that as entrepreneurs, are blessed with an extraordinary gift, an ability to see opportunities in nearly everything we do. Have you ever observed how your mind is always bubbling with money making ideas to the point of distraction? This is a unique GIFT! Not every Jack and Gill out there has this gift – this is how OUR (entrepreneurs) brain works, not necessarily those outside our field.

With this in mind, it is very important for the success of your business that you choose the right people to market to. Friends and Family Are NOT Your Target Market! Even if your friends and family are interested in your opportunity, the fact is that eventually you will run out of friends and family to talk to about your business – if they haven’t started avoiding you!

With a good training, you could in theory continue to get referrals from every single person you speak to regardless of whether or not they actually join the business, so in theory you could do this forever. If you know the tricks of the trade and with right system in place there is a way to get the right people to talk to both ONLINE AND OFFLINE. Imagine yourself NEVER running out of people to talk to. That’s IF you can hang in the game long enough to make the big bucks!

  • Lack of Training/Underdeveloped Skills – They are NOT Branding Themselves!

On the off chance that you are not aware, one of my initial trainings with Ardyss was just like every other traditional network marketing company training where I was told to go find X people to sign up, help them to go and find X people, then help them go find X people, and continue the process etc. Well I tried, but at the end of the day, like I said previously, I couldn’t provide these people value. I’m quite sure a lot of Ardyss Distributors are in that same boat right now!

You see, people get involve in network marketing mainly for time and financial freedom. Although they are not looking for a boss, they sure are looking for a leader. It’s not about the company or its product line it’s about what you as a leader know about your business – inside and out. I’m not talking about you being able to reiterate product information and the compensation plan, but you need to be able to help people understand it and ultimately make money in order to achieve that time and financial freedom they desire!

Most Ardyss Distributors focus entirely on ardyss products and ardyss compensation plan, giving facts and income examples to their prospects. No wonder most are struggling today, by following this method, they rarely, if ever, allow their personalities to shine through. People will only do business with people they KNOW, LIKE, AND TRUST.

Ardyss International is a great company, but to be frank, I honestly believe that the majority of people who join Ardyss didn’t join because of Ardyss product line, compensation plan, or Ardyss founders – it’s mainly because they found a LEADER. A leader they felt they could learn from, someone they were attracted to, they trusted, and they wanted to get into business with THEM, NOT ARDYSS! This is what Attraction Marketing is all about and is what is required for an Ultimate Ardyss Success!

Attraction Marketing is a skill that can be easily learnt; it is fundamentally being you and having valuable skills. It is your personality and the value you share with others that will make you attractive to other aspiring entrepreneurs. Helping others to grow by imparting the information and directing them to useful systems brings out the true leader in you.

  • Lack of True Effective Action – Not believing in themselves and this industry

Another reason why most Ardyss Distributors are failing is because they don’t take income producing DAILY action. Quite a large proportion of them are busy going to meetings, being on conference calls, and driving around town doing one presentation to another at someone’s home or wherever. Being on a conference call or going to a meeting can be good but common, is it a true income producing activity?

The reason why some of this people are constantly attending one meeting to the other is because sometimes, as a brand new person in the industry, they obviously have no real skills  or better idea on how to succeed in this industry and then they were somehow told to “fake it till you make it.”

The thing is, there is only so long one can continue to fake it, after a while they begin to loose interest.

The best way to handle this is to actually take the focus off of you and your lack of success, and leverage some of the top earners in this industry. What if you could be real, be yourself, partner with the top earners in this industry, and actually give your prospects EXACTLY what they want, which are the tools, trainings, and a leader who can lead them to the top where they belong?

If you do not believe in yourself, it would be difficult to portray yourself as a leader; even if you fake it… people will by all means sense it! You therefore need to believe in yourself and this industry RIGHT NOW. It works!

So, start believing NOW that you can do this because you can, and stop pretending you’re somebody your not.

I always bless the day I was connected to of the largest GENERIC marketing system that has helped me to build my business successfully. This system is used by LOTs of Ardyss top earners; in fact the system provides solution to all of the 5 problems laid down above that over 90% of Ardyss Distributors find themselves in…

The GENERIC marketing system will help you:

  • Brand yourself (you learn necessary skill for ATTRACTION MARKETING)
  • Learn REAL marketing training
  • Provide avenues for additional income
  • Teach you how and where to get consistent flow of prospects
  • Teach you how to believe in yourself and this industry

Having read this Ardyss Reviews, let me help you and show you what the top Ardyss Distributors and top earners in the industry are not telling you.

You can stop battling to make it with your Ardyss business and start marketing your business a LOT smarter.

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