Ardyss Compensation Plan Review – Too Good To Be True?

by Remi Badozi on December 7, 2010

Ardyss Compensation Plan Review

Ardyss Compensation Plan is one of the most impressive I know of in the multi-level marketing industry today. If you are planning on making a fortune with the Ardyss compensation plan, then I can assure you that you have chosen wisely….and I say “CONGRATULATIONS!” If you’re not familiar with Ardyss, this Ardyss Compensation Plan Review is definaely for you and it will definitely benefit you to check out this complete and thorough Ardyss Reviews

Ardyss International has a great reputation in the marketplace, apart from the fact that they are known globally, they have also been around for over 20 years with a number of its distributors making a killing with the Ardyss Compensation Plan.

Just like many other Network Marketing Programs the Ardyss Compensation Plan determines the commission a Ardyss Compensation Plan Reviewdistributor receives, based on their sales and number of recruits. As you climb up the ranks ladder, you will be entitled to commissions based on as far as 5 tiers below you in your network. There are 10 different ways you can earn as an Ardyss Distributor and on top of the 10 standard means of earning, Ardyss have monthly promotions that are aimed at encouraging their distributors to go out and generate sales for their business. Ardyss also offers health insurance to their distributors at very reasonable prices.

In order to make the payments of commissions and bonuses safe, easy and quick for their distributors, Ardyss also issue every one of their distributors with a Visa Debit Card into which all payments go.

I have writen this Ardyss Compensation Plan Review because when people hear about the Ardyss Compesation Plan, theysomehow find it too good to be true! Come with me as I break it down……below are the 10 different ways that Ardyss currently pay their reps:

1.      Direct Sales – Immediate earnings; you can buy products at wholesale price and sell it at retail price. Every distributor receives a 40% discount of the real price. When an order is placed through your website, you automatically get the 40% difference tacked back to you. Alternatively, you could place your customer’s order yourself through your back office and you pay wholesale price but you charge your customer the retail price and the difference is yours to keep.

2.      Fast Start Express Bonus – Weekly payment; you are paid 30% on the first purchase of the new associates. This roughly equates to up to a $90 commission on the first order of anyone you personally enrol.

3.      Power Pack Bonus – Weekly or monthly payment; each time you enrol someone with Power Pack, you will receive an $80 Recruiting Commission i.e. $80 paid to you when your personal enrolee orders a $300 Power Back.

4.      Enrolment Relationship Bonus – Monthly payment; you are paid based on personal and placement volume through eight levels. 10% of the “Enrolment Relationship Bonus” is earned on each distributor you personally enrol, regardless of where you place her/him. Simply said, you are paid 10% of what your personal enrolees do every month.

5.      Unilevel Bonus – Monthly payment; in addition to the above 10% (Enrolment Relationship Bonus), you get a percentage according to where you place him/her which is usually another 5%. In conclusion, most of the cases 15 % will be earned on your personally enrolled distributor and a 5% of all distributors enrolled indirectly in your downline.


6.      Generational Bonus – Monthly payment; you are paid additional percentages earned (about 1%-4%) when a distributor chooses to get involved in the Ardyss Career. As the group grows, more generations are uncovered and therefore you also collect additional percentages from each one of them, i.e. you get bonus based on your entire organization through 5 generations and on the entire organization of other managers in your downline.

7.      Car Bonus – Monthly payment; as you move up the ladder, another great feature of the Ardyss compensation program is the additional monthly car bonus of $150 to $800, again depending on your rank. A wonderful perk to becoming an Ardyss distributor!

Car Bonus

8.      Rank Bonus – Monthly Payment; this is earning paid to you if as a distributor you maintain the requirements for your rank. If you are not able to maintain the requirements in a particular month, the distributor will not be able to earn the bonus on that particular month. The monthly Rank is between $100 and $800 depending on your rank.

Rank Bonus

9.      Presidential Pool Bonus – Quarterly payment; this is paid to you when you qualify in one of the Presidential ranks; you earn the right to participate in the “Presidential Pool”. This bonus basically allows those who achieve the rank of Presidents to share in the company profits.

10.  Power Start Bonus; this is an amazing bonus that has been created so that distributors can get into profit fast. You will receive $1400 when you enrol ten people within one month. Additionally, your sponsor will receive a matching bonus of $1400 as well when you earn a Power Start bonus. If on the other hand (or as well as) your enrolee enrols ten people in a month, you earn matching bonuses that your personal enrolee earns – $1400! This is called the Power Start Program.

Power Start Bonus

There is one side of the Ardyss Compensation Plan that is most likely to be a downside for any one new to the Ardyss business. That downside is the 40% rule. The 40% rule states that no more than 40% of your Group Qualification Points Direct Salescan come from any one leg to count for rank promotions, bonuses, or power start commissions. For example if you happen to have in your group an overachiever, who is very good at selling and/or recruiting compare to other members of the group. If in any month over 40% of the group’s success comes from the overachiever, then you will not be compensated that month. But….there is a way round it! You can actually turn the high achievers success into an incentive for the rest of the distributors in your group….you encourage them to keep working to build a balanced, wide and deep organization.

Bottom line, iff you want to climb your way to the top of the Ardyss compensation plan you need to have the necessary marketing skills to build your Ardyss not just in terms of sales but also in recruiting. A number of Ardyss Distributors are stuck in one position and are struggling to make sale and/or find new people to recruit. Meanwhile, a handful of are making it big time because they know the secrets to how market their Ardyss business successfully. I build my Ardyss business using a very unique marketing system that the Top Earners in the industry use but have been keeping secret.

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