Ardyss Body Magic: The Whole Truth Revealed!

by Remi Badozi on December 20, 2010

Ardyss Body MagicDrop 2 -3 sizes in 10 minutes with no diets, no exercise , no surgery and no pills.

Body MagicLooking around our society today, one will notice that quite a large number of people are (for one reason or the other) creating and using all sorts of products to help them loose weight. Many of these products claim to be all natural or organic when in reality they contain ingredients that are harmful to the body.

This review has been produced with the aim of providing you with the facts about the Ardyss Body Magic, based on my personal experience and compiled accounts of the experiences that users have had with the product – highlighting its advantages and disadvantages. It is my wish that, after reading this review you will have gained enough knowledge to be able to make an informed decision about the Body Magic and/or the company behind it – Ardyss International.

For more detailed information about the company, its products and business opportunity, you can read my Ardyss Reviews here.
The Ardyss Body Magic is one of the flagship products of Ardyss International, a network marketing organisation that has been around for over 20years and is well known in the health and wellness industry. You have probably heard about the magical claims by Ardyss, with its catch phrase lose 2-3 sizes instantly without diet, surgery etc. With so many weight loss methods out there that do not work, how could this dreamlike declaration be true? No wonder many are sceptical about the product.

What is the Body Magic?

The Ardyss Body Magic is an undergarment product designed by orthopaedic surgeons mainly for the slightly overweight individuals to help them instantly reduce size and convey a more aesthetic shape. It is constructed with a medically graded light weight material, comes in sizes ranges from 22 to 48 and is available in three colours: black, beige and white.

When the garment is worn correctly, helps to move fatty tissues in your body from where it is not needed and distributes into locations where it is required, thus speeding up weight loss. The garment actually helps to activate your lymphatic system while attacking your soft fat tissue known as the Adipose Tissue. As heat is released towards the centre of the body, the garment then helps to flush the system of fat cells. This why most women notice they go to the toilets more often ; Adipose tissue is made up of about 10-15% water, so you can imagine the positive outcome of wearing the Arydss Body Magic!

Consistent wearing of this undergarment will tighten up your hips and thighs, flatten out your stomach, firm up your buttocks, and lift your breasts by restoring the pressure that was lost due to age or obesity. I would recommend the Ardyss body Magic to individuals who are overweight. It is ideal for special occasions such as weddings; proms etc it will make you look spectacular and boost your confidence as you walk around.Ardyss Body Magic

Why waist money on liposuction when there is a fantastic product that can do the trick without pain and for so much less cost!

Each time I wear my Ardyss Body Magic, I always get heads turning around and people commending my appearance the confidence it gives you is just AMAZING! It’s also claimed to straighten out your spine and correct your posture over time. The confidence you get from wearing it, is because it helps you to stand or sit tall. It is a well known fact that the more your body can align itself upright, the more energy you will have overtime mainly because gravity is always pulling you down or trying to make you slump over.

Ardyss Body Magic – Disadvantages

If your goal is to reshape your body and lose weight, then I wholeheartedly recommend the Ardyss Body Magic. However, just like any other product there are some disadvantages to this great product:

  • The undergarment is not the easiest to put on for the first time. You will definitely require help from a friend or spouse for the first couple times that you put it on. After the first couple of times it then gets easier to wear as it would have form the shape of your body.
  • The first couple of times that you wear it, because your body is not used to the tight garment, you may experience slight discomfort.
  • It is a well known fact that most women wear wrong bra sizes. When it comes to the Body Magic, you can not afford to get the wrong size. Purchasing the wrong size would render the garment ineffective. Wearing a body magic that is too small will result in your blood flow been restricted. It is better to buy your body magic from an Ardyss Independent Distributor who will measure your thorax size (measurement around your body just under your breasts) and advise you what size to purchase.

Ardyss Body Magic – Advantages

  • Once you are over the discomfort stage which only lasts 2 – 3 wears, you can wear it all day long. Remember, the more you wear it, the better the result
  • Can be washed with the rest of your clothing
  • Its made with light weight material that is breathable, so you will stay cool and can therefore be worn in the summertime without getting too hot
  • Instantly eliminates love handles by compression, distributing it to other areas of your body
  • Instantly flattens your tummy
  • Tightens up thighs and hips
  • Firms and lifts breasts and buttock
  • Helps to straighten your spine, thus correcting your posture making you stand tall with extra confidence!
  • Improves internal organ functions

Ardyss Body Magic - Before and After

Tips for most effective use of the Ardyss Body Magic

  • Ensure you order the right size from a reputable source such as an Ardyss Independent Distributor. If a distributor can not physically come to you to take your measurements, watch How to Measure Videos on Ardyss You Tube channel.
  • The first time you get the garment out of it’s packaging, it would be very difficult to put it on by yourself, make sure you let someone assist you with putting it on the first 2 or 3 times so that you do not tear the garment.
  • Expect some discomfort the first time you wear it and try to wear it for at least 2-3 hours the first time you put it on, this would help to make the garment form your body shape quicker and reduce the discomfort.
  • If you are tall like I am, you may need to purchase extensions for the straps.
  • For maximum result, wear the garment everyday, for at least 8 hours until you reach your target size.
  • Do not put the Ardyss Body Magic in the dryer.

Most of the response that I have received for this product has been very positive. The Ardsyss Body Magic really does deliver as claimed by Ardyss i.e. losing 2-3 sizes instantly. Considering the initial discomfort that most people feel when they first put on the garment, it appears though, that most people who have used the product would gladly recommend it to their friends and family, as the results they receive are worth it. This Ardyss Body Magic review was intended to provide you with both positive and negative real life experiences that people have had using it.

Hopefully, it will be enough information for you to enable you to make an informed decision about this product.
Whilst a number of people are rushing to buy the Ardyss Body Magic as a result of its well known effectiveness, there are also a few others who sit on the back bench, not because they don’t believe in the effectiveness of the product but because they claim it is rather pricy for them. As at the time of writing this article, the price of an Ardyss Body Magic is $140. Whilst I can see why many would think it’s pricy but for what you get out of this product, it is worth every cent!

If you really do want this product, then do not let the price discourage you. I am going to show you a way to maximize your Ardyss Body Magic experience. Get everything you need: Body Magic, Body Cleanser, Angel Bra and LeVive etc at a low cost (Wholesale) when you join the Ardyss family starting at $30. Why not get Wealthy and Healthy as you drop up to 3 sizes in the Process!

To Your Success,

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