8 Tips on Mastering Prospecting and Recruiting For Your Network Marketing Business

by Remi Badozi on September 14, 2011


Top tips on how to strategically prospect and recruit for your mlm business

The importance of mastering the act of prospecting and recruiting as a network marketer can not be emphasized enough. At the end of the day they are the main fuel that you need to drive your network marketing business to the next level….without them, you are going to where!

Before we go any further let me just make this clarification….

Prospecting is the act of searching or figuring out who in your vast world of potential consumers REALLY need your solution to their problem and….YOU also would like to do business with. In the network marketing world recruiting usually follows prospecting. Therefore, recruiting is the act of taking a prospect and converting them into a product user, a product advocate or a business builder.

Below are 8 tips that will help you to master prospecting and recruiting strategically.

  • Feel the needs of your prospect by putting yourself in their shoes

Unless you have an idea of what someone is going through, you will not be able to help them. Therefore, in order to be in a position whereby you are able to find out the problem your potential target is going through, you need to firstly connect with your prospects.

Once you are connected, begin to feel their needs and ask questions about their current situation. Be very subtle with your questions and do not over do it! Remember….you are there to offer help to  your prospect and not to feel sorry for them.

Now that you have an idea of what their problem is, you know you have the solution but try to see the opportunity that you’re presenting from their point of view first. You need to put yourself in their shoes in order for you to understand how prospects view your offer…

  • When conducting your presentation, be IN it and not just AT the presentation

Your ultimate aim when conducting a presentation is to gain the approval of your prospects. With that in mind, ensure you make a presentation that will really get their attention such that you have your prospects at the edge of their seats. This can only be achievable if you know your prospects’ needs!

One of the best ways of getting prospects’ attention and making them hold on to each and very word you say is to mention the problem briefly and talk more about how your products and/or services can help solve it.

Whatever you do….avoid an “automatic pilot” presentation, as your prospect will have less chance of actually feeling your presence in the presentation.

  • Not all your prospects will be interested, know how to handle objection

Bear in mind that regardless of how good your presentation was and how appealing your product/services are, you can not make everyone join your business.

To avoid you chasing your prospects away, you need to be able to discern an outright rejection from your presentation…..LET IT GO AND DON’T PUSH IT!

Once someone says “NO” to you, there is no point in you trying to convince them…they mean “NO”! You have sown your seed with your presentation…..respect their decision and move on.

  • Never forget your prospect’s name…..say it throughout the conversation!

This is particularly important in a one-to-one presentation….the worst thing you could ever do is to call your prospect by the wrong name! Best way to remember names is to say it up to at least three times in the first three minutes!

If you can remember your prospects’ names, I guarantee you, you will be able to gain their attention for longer than you could ever imagine.

Say their name throughout your conversation and make sure that at the end of your conversation….it is the last word they hear you say!

  • Establish a distraction – free atmosphere

Interruptions will not only distract your audience but will also have an effect on your own momentum.

Therefore, prior to you starting your presentation, ensure you rid yourself of any form distractions – create an environment that is free of any kind of disturbance or likely disturbance. There is nothing wrong in letting your prospects know that you require their full attention for however long the presentation will last.

The last thing you want is your prospect getting up to answer the phone, tend to their children, get a glimpse of what is going on in the television or on the radio etc. Feel free to politely ask your prospects to turn off their phones, radio and television and to keep the children away. I know that children can be difficult sometimes, if that is the case….find out when the best time is for them without the kids interrupting.

At the end of the day, if they do join your business….they’re going to have to find the time to work without the kid’s distracting them!

  • Create hope in your prospects….NOT  hype

Prospecting and recruiting is really not about hyping people to join your business….it’s about creating hope in them.

You have products and/or services that can help solve their problem….build hope in them! Create and always focus on promoting hope…hope of a better lifestyle, a brighter future, a residual flow of income etc.

Prospects will be more attracted to you if you focus on marketing hope….hyping will only turn your prospects away from you and into your competitors’ hand!

  • Rome wasn’t built in a day, so be patient and follow up

 When it comes to recruiting, you will need to exercise some patient and bear in mind that not all your prospects can provide you with an instantaneous response to your offer. A number of them may need to have a chance to think it over. Therefore, do not rush them rather give them time to assimilate and ponder over your offer.

Never say “Can I get your answer now?” consider saying something like “Would you wish to think this through first? Would 12 hours be sufficient time for you?” Just allow them to have sufficient time to think it over, however, not so very long time that they can easily thrust the whole concept to the back of their minds.

Don’t leave them to think about it forever! Follow up! Else they will have totally overlooked it….if you wait too long to follow up.

  • Develop an ongoing relationship with your recruits

Now that you have effectively enrolled your prospect into your network marketing company, you need your recruits to stay around – ensure you develop a purposeful relationship with them. …..I’ll tell you why soon.

As you build that relationship, you will also need to teach your recruits exactly what you have been doing to achieve results in your business (that’s Network Marketing Duplication!). Imagine the trust when they start achieving the same results!

One of the reasons why you need to make sure your recruits stay around is because; they are the ones that will help you accomplish your aspirations through the power of leveraging!

Read more about ===>> the power of leveraging in network marketing <<=== HERE

Your ultimate aim is to turn your recruits into your associates in this business….

Bear in mind that as your recruits make money in their business, you too will make money, therefore, make certain that you give them all the assistance that they require…..such that they feel and know that they are in good hands.

Help them….so they too can do the exact same to others!

I hope you have found the above 8 tips on prospecting and  recruiting very useful. If you want more tips on how to successfully build your network marketing business opportunity,  here is my MLM Training Bonus for you…..

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To Your Success,


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