7 Online Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid In Your First Year on the Internet

by Remi Badozi on July 22, 2011


Online Marketing Pitfalls To Be Mindful Of

The internet is a very big place to be right now in comparison to not too long ago. Therefore, if you are new in the scene, there are a number of online marketing pitfalls you need to avoid else you will be very discouraged and possibly give up on your dream.

This post addresses some of the top 7 online marketing pitfalls that you are likely to come across in your first year of marketing online. I will also be sharing some tips that will help you avoid online mistakes.

  • Information Overload

The amount of information that you will come across is huge and can be quite overwhelming. You will also find that there are a number of ways you can market online and trying to learn all will just be like the saying “Jack of all trade, master of none”. Best way to handle this is to pick one marketing strategy, learn it well and stick to it until you have mastered it. Then move on to the next marketing strategy.

Don’t get caught up in attending every webinar you get invited to. If it’s about something you really what to learn but the the timing is not conducive, then find out if it could be recorded and watch it at a later time.

There are wonderful courses online that will really help you to get established online. However, always make sure you complete one before you start on the next one.

  • Learning But Not Taking Action

I used to be one of those that attend training courses and then keep putting things off till later but never get round to putting what I learnt into action. See, this is a very common pitfall and it is a killer.

Every time you learn something put it into action! If you have a blog, write a blog post about it. What I am sharing with you here is as a result of a webinar I attended. I mean, after putting all this in writing, do you think it would not stay with me?

I will share about time management later, but if you notice that you do not have enough time in the 24 hours then you will need to put a time management system in place.

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  • Trying To Be Perfect

Have you ever heard the saying “Rome wasn’t built in one day.” Likewise do not expect everything to be perfect in your first year – perfect keyword, perfect blog, perfect video recording etc. The truth is….they really don’t matter in your first year! You are still learning and gaining grounds….

Imagine this…..while you are busy making sure this and that are perfect, your competitors are out there eatablishing authority and making money!

Be authentic and don’t try to be someone you are not and don’t worry much about what your blog looks like compare to the ones you’d seen; people come to your blog to read and/or watch video.

  • Wasting Money and Not Spending Money

Most people decide to become online marketer in order to earn extra income and not just for the fun of it. Do not waste your money buying every course you or marketing tools you are offered. If not you may find out that you bought two or more courses that are the same but named and packaged differently.

In this world of information, knowledge is power therefore because you are just starting out, you need to stay focus on learning a marketing strategy – just as I mentioned earlier. If you must buy a course let your first one or second course be one that will teach you how to generate leads as this is where the money is! Invest in domain name, hosting account and autoresponder.

When you start earning online, invest your earnings on yourself and your business….this is not time to start saving! There are tools out there that you will need to purchase so that you too can compete with the large crowd online!

  • Time Management

One of the greatest issues that I personally struggled with when I first started internet marketing was time management. When working from your home it is so easy to let down your guard and allow your daily life to eat into your online marketing activities and vice versa.

One very important internet marketing mistake you need to look out for is the time you spend and what you do on social network!

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You need to know (if possible on a daily basis) how much time you have and then schedule everything – time to work, time with family, meal time etc. Do not allow work to take over your lifestyle and neither should you allow your daily life impact on your projects – get a balance!

If you have a spare room in your house, set it up and use it as your office or look for a suitable corner to designate as your office.

  • Working in Isolation

Do not try to do it all alone, there are people online who were once where you are right now….tap into their knowledge! Working in isolation can easily result in frustration and then lead to you giving up! Most people who are involved internet marketing are always more than happy to help.

Connect with other internet marketers in your niche through Facebook Page, group chats or forums. They will encourage you and help you keep going when things become difficult. Ask questions and opinions on products before you buy…

Another tip for this type of online marketing mistake is to form your own syndication tribe to leave comments for each others’ posts or youtube videos. Look for someone you can mastermind with and exchange ideas!

  • Persistence

Like I quoted earlier…”Rome wasn’t build in one day.” Likewise online marketing success takes some time, so don’t be very aware of this online marketing pitfall. Simply put, don’t give up if it doesn’t happen overnight – BE PERSISTENT!

Stick with one marketing strategy  for at least 90days, master it and see that you are getting results, then move on to learn another marketing strategy.

Bear in mind that your time and money that you invest now are for the gratification you will receive in the future!

As you can see, unlike what some people will make you believe, internet marketing is not a quick means to get rich, it is only difficult for those who do not know about these top internet marketing pitfalls that you’ve just read about. Online marketing is all about learning to develop yourself first in order to establish yourself as an authority and then using the right tools and strategies to achieve your goals…

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Lastly, always remember your why! Why did you decide to be an online marketer? Let the answer to that question be what keeps you GOING!

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Anne McAllister December 29, 2011 at 9:17 pm


I can totally relate to all of what you have said here, information overload and learning and not doing are the traps I think everyone falls into initally. I also agree with the need to get support and network with others. I have Facebook community who make it all so much simpler! Would be a lot harder without them.
Thanks for sharing
Anne McAllister recently posted..6 Top Tips On Choosing a Network Marketing Company.


Remi Badozi January 2, 2012 at 12:05 am


You are so right…..having that community support really does make it a lot simpler. And if one is new in the industry, it is an excellent way to learn from those who have been there.

Thanks for stopping by and all the best.



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