5 Top SEO Mistakes Every Online Marketers Should Avoid

Quite a number of online business owners are unknowingly committing an amount of SEO mistakes. A large number are indeed doing a lot of things right but there are some elements that need to be pointed out else most will carry on and then get frustrated and not know why their sites are not ranking well.

There is no doubt that the online business industry is an extremely but reasonably competitive marketplace, where by just about every progress in search-engine position often means an important boost in earnings. Each and every small bit that you can do to boost your search engine ranking will surely count. In this post I am going to point out 5 common SEO mistakes and how you can rectify them and help your site rank well.

Website SEO Keywords

This is one of the most common search engine optimization mistakes amongst online marketers. Although, people are going around saying that a lot of search engines like Google no more use Keyword and key phrase Meta tags, the simple truth is that some of them still do and you just can not afford to ignore those few search engines that do. As a matter of fact, your website keywords should accurately reflect your page content. However, you need to be very careful that you do not over saturate your website with your keywords

If for whatever reason you decide to alter what your website is all about, remember to alter your website keywords accordingly. It is so easy to forget to change your SEO keywords and have seen too many of this!

  • Relevant SEO Keywords in a Page

If your website content does not contain the relevant keyword you want to rank with, there is no way people will find you if they type that keyword in the search engine. Basically, your website will rank very badly within Google. There are a number of tactics that you need to employ regarding where in your content you should place your keywords. I will reveal the tactics later!

Just stuffing your content page with keywords is not going to achieve the desired result, and can easily have a bad effect on your listing within Google, as Google may see it as you putting too many keywords in order to spam the search engine listings.

  • Website Page Title

Your website title is probably the most important onsite SEO feature and therefore it should be relevant, not too long and should be different on every page within your website. One thing you need to be aware of is that search engines list pages and not websites, therefore every page in your site is a fresh SEO opportunity.

  • Website (Meta) Description

Website description is an opportunity for you to tell Google and other search engines what your page is about. Just like your web page title, you must pay attention to your Meta description – the length, readability and inclusion of keyword.

  • Number of Back Links

The number and quality of websites linking to your website is a very important SEO factor. Just because you don’t know how many other websites link to your website does not mean that Google and other search engines don’t. Note that the more quality links to your website, the more authoritative website your site becomes.

You really should refrain from sending many hundreds of backlinks in a single day, because this can trip the spam alert at the various search engines and you may find themselves in a whole lot worse position within the major search engines than before you decide to start out any SEO pursuits on your website.

Here are some take away for you:

  • Ensure your title is no longer than 70 characters as this is the maximum amount that the search engines will display in the search results (the engines will show an ellipsis – “…” if more than 70 characters).
  • Your title should contain your main keyword or keyword phrase and most make sense to read.
  • Bold, italic and underline your keywords – it helps the search engine to figure out what your keywords are.
  • When placing you keywords, make sure your keywords are positioned in this key areas –
    1. In your 1st paragraph – as close to the first or second sentence as possible.
    2. Somewhere in the middle paragraph
    3. Your last paragraph

If you can avoid the above SEO mistakes, you will begin to notice your website ranking much better in search engines such as Google.

PS: Please fell free to share with us what your SEO Strategies are.