5 Fundamental Reasons Why Most Network Marketers Fail

by Remi Badozi on July 6, 2011


Network marketing is one of numerous means of earning income either online or offline, however, 95% of those who sign up for mlm


Why are network marketers failing? Most dream big but in reality...

opportunity fail miserably and give up – most times, too soon but not their fault. In this post, I aim to deal with the basic reason why most network marketers fail.

Marketing an mlm opportunity is quite straightforward, but trying to make a success of your network marketing business in the outdated traditional way (i.e. cold calling individuals) is tough.

Allow me to clarify my look at why multi-level marketing is well known to have a 95% or maybe more failing rate…

Okay…to explain myself I am going to use the logic behind Occam’s razor.

What is Occam’s razor? I can hear you say…

Well, it is a theory that suggests the fact that most straightforward reason behind an event is normally the very best. Like I said earlier, I am going to work with this concept to spell out why most network marketers fail.

  • Lack of appropriate information

Lots of people get genuinely enthusiastic about the possibilities real earnings from their network marketing programs. However, one significant fact they are more than often not told is that to earn the fantastic Compensation Plans, otherwise often known as Comp Plans, you need to follow a game plan!

This gives virtually most of the opportunity seekers an incorrect perception regarding how much they are able to genuinely generate with these programs. I am not just talking about an unlikely Compensation Plan, but an overstated accessibility to training and assistance for someone new to network marketing…

  • Lack of proper guidance

The real fact is, unless you have access to the right mlm training, thaty plan remains just a dream.

Are you geared up?

Most network marketers don’t succeed for the simple reason that the marketing techniques they are shown don’t deliver the results 95% or more of the time.

So what exactly is it that most new network marketers taught?

Very well, … new network marketers are taught is to obtain and cold call prospects.

Now, I’m not about to say this doesn’t do the job, but I will have to say is that six months of contacting prospects for 3 hours on a daily basis with minimal achievements is an approach that did not help me!

To be candid, except in cases where one is a natural born self-confident sales leader, if you sign up for any multi-level marketing profession and all you do is obtain and cold call your lead, you’ll almost certainly have the same results.
Don’t misunderstand me�.there are definitely a number of people who are incredibly proficient at cold calling leads, but a majority of individuals � like myself are just not.

  • None or limited knowledge of who their Prospects are

Another crucial point adding to why most network marketers fall short is the kind of leads they are buying.

Most times, new network marketers spend so much money (because that is what they are told!) in the interest of getting leads majority don’t even realise how much they had spent!

But what exactly are results having shelled out a large amount on prospects with hardly any success following many months of hard work?

More than often they run out of money, tired, loose hope and then . . .

They give up.

How come the sorts of leads network marketers use really make a difference?

Well . . .

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Homehome business opportunity leads are not necessarily the same as network marketing leads; the leads most new network marketers are often advised to make use of, are really non-specific. These prospects respond to an advertisement that merely asks them if they would like to be financially free or make income from home or something similar.

Well . . . needless to say they always generally do!

However, that does not suggest they wish to have anything at all do your multi-level marketing program in fact, most are sceptics and haters of network marketing!

Subsequently, once the typical network marketer calls these generic income opportunity leads, the prospects don’t know or want to know anything at all concerning the network marketer’s business and in most cases seriously don’t care.

This may lead to the recently established network marketer experiencing a great deal of REJECTIONS! REJECTIONS!! REJECTIONS!!!

  • No knowledge of how to turn rejections into sales

As human beings, there is only so much rejections you can take and if you are new in the scene of mlm, hearing NO continuously brings about a considerable amount of self doubt, either in regards to the network marketer’s personal capability or the credibility of their connection with their network marketing company.

On the other hand if you know the game plan you can actually help those people in some ways and still earn money….even though they rejected your network marketing business.

Now, back to our point about rejections.

Following constant rejections, negative inner thoughts will begin to form and if the newbie continues to harbour the negative feeling (and this is likely to be the case most of the time if they do not have a mentor ) and like I said previously, sooner or later the network marketer gives up, typically within just 3-6 months.

The network marketer’s opinion of their venture will go from one of opportunity to one of total uncertainty and negative opinions.

It is a well known fact that Reality comes after perception, so, considering that the recently established network marketer believes that both their business venture as themselves are just not cut out for this mlm thing…..well, guess what? The hopeless ness becomes TRUE…then they give up!

  • Lack of suitable strategy

Most new distributors are often left alone to work it out themselves – I was! Some are lucky and they stumble onto the right part – that’s me!

Network marketing is a business of duplication and unless the mlm company or upline can show a new member a marketing system that will help them duplicate their upline’s result, they will fail. The bottom line is, to make a success of any network marketing opportunity you ought to have a system (or if you want….a strategy) that can be duplicated like a proven track!

As a result of lack of proper guidance, most of this newbies often end up trying to create their own I own strategies that I they believe would work for them. A proven system that has worked for so many people is the best way forward….it will definately cut down on the type of mistakes made by your upline.

That, in a nutshell are the 5 fundamental reasons why 95% of network marketers fail if you asked me.

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To Your Success,


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Michael Keyes July 6, 2011 at 1:51 pm

Great article, I can identify with a lot of this


Remi Badozi July 6, 2011 at 4:43 pm


Thanks very much for your comment, really appreciate it.

Best regards,


Jay - Colorado July 7, 2011 at 4:26 pm

Great points Remi I really enjoyed reading your post.
I added some of them to my teachings with new people.
You are so right, the illusions of grandeur without knowing, understanding and implementing what is required to succeed can easily be lost in self doubt.
Our school systems condition us for years to be employees and having a business is not natural for most people, unless you are conditioned to run businesses.
The Job and trading time for dollars and making someone else’s dreams come true is a security blanket for the employee minded. I expect you know this already. When they loose their job they don’t look to run a business, they collect unemployment or look for another job. When unemployment runs out, they look for another job. It is so easy to fall back into the area (job) they feel most comfortable with, especially when things don’t happen right away.

For most people success translates to MONEY. When people come into the industry with an immediate need for money, not marketing budget and no skills and an easily deflated ambition, it is a formula for their demise in NWM.

Anyone can pinpoint the reasons people fail, but I believe that along with the areas you so aptly pointed out, the end result is the person in the mirror. Do they have what it takes and if not are they willing to get it?

Thanks, I look forward to reading you other works, have a blessed day!


Remi Badozi July 7, 2011 at 10:20 pm


I’m glad you enjoyed this post.

I agree with you…success does not translate to money.

Those who jump into this industry with the primary aim of making money often end up failing,
give up and then go round claiming network marketing doesnt work.
An attitude of ..what do I need to learn to make this work so I can start making money… goes a
long way to start building a successful network marketing business.

Thanks very much for stopping by and for adding value to this discussion

All the best,


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