3 Logical Explanations Why Network Marketing will ALWAYS work!

by Remi Badozi on July 15, 2011

I was talking to a prospect the other day and he asked me this question….”Give me 3 good reasons why network marketing will always work?”

Wow! ……caught on the spot or what?

A number of people think that network marketing actually doesn’t do the job as many network marketers proclaim. Well, how completely wrong are

Why Will Network Marketing ALWAYS Work?

Why Will Network Marketing ALWAYS Work?

they? MLM industry is one of those that unless you are really involved and know what you are doing…. You will definitely be on the fence and find it difficult to believe people actually make a living from it.

Now, if you are reading this and you are a network marketer or you are just gathering information before you get involved, then allow me to take the next couple of minutes to provide you with my three logical explanations why network marketing will always work.

Therefore, the next time someone asks you a similar question or somebody takes the time and energy to tell you just how network marketing doesn’t work you can reveal to them how wrong they really are!

The following are 3 reasons why Network Marketing will ALWAYS work:

  • People Will ALWAYS Want Additional Income

The fact remains that we live in a not so strong economy environment; quite a large number of people will therefore still need to supplement their income – one way or the other. As sad as it may sound, majority of people are living from salary to salary – some had even spent most of their salary before they get paid!

With human intelligence growing so significantly and newer inventions being developed on a regular basis, majority of people are not in a position to purchase most of this pleasant stuff that can help ease some issues of life.

However, if they are aware of the network marketing opportunity, I’m pretty sure many will jump at it.

As you can see, there is certainly and will almost always be a continuous need for additional money. With the way things are globally, you will agree with me that chances of people making additional money in their full-time job is very limited – where majority of employers are looking to either cut their number of staff or reduce their working hours.

Network marketing is a straightforward, low risk, in your free time and safe means for full-time employees to fill up these have to have yearnings. Putting it simple, so long as individuals need extra income, network marketing will ALWAYS be around to fill up that need.

  • People Will ALWAYS Want More Freedom from Jobs They’re Not Enjoying

Individuals will ALWAYS want freedom from careers they don’t get pleasure from and will also ALWAYS want much more spare time to do with as they wish:

Regardless of what you may be thinking, believe me…….if you take a good look around you, you will find individuals that actually don’t delight in their jobs. If you don’t believe me, go to a train station during rush hour on a Monday morning and come back and tell me how many people look exited about going to work? If they know and believe that there are other fun ways of earning income, what do you think majority will do?

Most people go to work simply because they need to and never due to the fact that they wish to.

Many people are frustrated with their daily commute to work; a number of people are sacrificing traveling a long distance to work for having to live in an environment that is conducive – for them and their families.  Whilst that sounds like a reasonable scarify, it would not be long before the long distance travel start taking its tolls on one’s health and pockets.

Network marketing is designed with a commitment of legitimate financial freedom and it has always been a great opportunity that allows people to work  in the comfot of their home.

  •  People Will ALWAYS Want More Spare Time to Do as They Wish

I am pretty sure that if you go out and speak to a number people out there, you will be surprised to hear that majorityof  men and women would confirm that, should they had a choice between more income and a lot more time off work they will pick the time!

People today covet their free time…don’t you?

Today, we have so many young and middle-aged people who have lost their jobs many months or even years ago and are still looking for just someone to employ them. The really sad thing about the economic palaver we are all involved in is that, the majority of the unemployed over 50-year-olds have set aside very small and possibly nothing for their retirement age.

Tell me….. if such people get a job today, how likely do you think they will ever be able to retire? When would they ever get just that spare time to do whatever they wish?

Therefore, I’m sure you will agree with me that these 50-year-olds do not need employment! What they really…really could do with, is an opportunity to acquire enough that will enable them to maintain a substantial level of income for the rest of their lives. Agree?

The kind of opportunity they are indeed looking for is exactly what network marketing provides!

Network marketing provides the chance of working at home and creating your own personal hours. The chance to generate spare time will ALWAYS attract individuals to network marketing

One of the fantastic aspect network marketing is that it provides you the opportunity to learn new skills. For someone that wants to indeed build a successful network marketing business, mlm provides the potential to go beyond just gathering enough to meet daily needs. There so many network marketers today that have joined and gone above the ranks of the top earners all over the world.

More and more sports stars, rock stars and even movie stars are joining the network marketing wagon! So, who I say and I say it loud….. Network Marketing will ALWAYS work! Sure, some network marketing companies that are not built on solid foundation will fall and not make it to the future, but the whole concept of network marketing will ALWAYS work!!

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In summary…

So long as individuals hunger for time, money and freedom network marketing will ALWAYS work!

Therefore, the next time that somebody attempts to tell you just how network marketing doesn’t deliver the results and blah! Blah!! Blah!!!…… you know that they couldn’t be more wrong.

All you’ve got to is ask your accuser is 1 of 3 questions:

  •  Are you interested in additional money?
  • Would you like freedom from your job?
  •  Would you want additional time?

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 I would like to read what you have to contribute to this discussion…..Do You Think Network Marketing Will Always Work? Why Will Network Marketing Always Work? Please comment below.

To Your Success,


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